New Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray hybrid to launch this week

Chevrolet is planning on unveiling the first electrified Corvette this week, with a hybrid version due to be announced on the 17th January. The upcoming model is set to be called the ‘E Ray Hybrid’ and will likely still use the same 6.2-litre V8 petrol engine, as well as some electric equipment. Chevrolet released a teaser video which showed the car undergoing some cold weather testing, which if you look […]

Chevy Bolt EV seeing record sales currently, GM to increase production

Chevrolet has revealed that it has had so much demand for the Chevy Bolt EV that it is having to increase production, after a recent record quarter of sales. GM has announced production for the small EV will be increased, following issues with battery fires. The record sales aren’t a huge surprise, the EV is a pretty good price at the moment at just $26,595 (£23,500). This quarter, the company […]

Chevrolet is working on an all electric Corvette

Chevrolet is currently working on two electrified versions of the iconic Corvette, with a fully electric version and a hybrid version coming in 2023. At this stage, Chevrolet hasn’t provided much detail about the upcoming models, but it does represent a huge shift for the sports car – which is best known and recognised for being a V8, petrol powered car. Corvette released a teaser video on Twitter, which what […]

Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV now back in production, after the battery recall

The Chevrolet Bolt EV ad Bolt EUV are now back in production following the battery recalls the company had back in August last year. Production resumed this week as the company can now get hold of a reliable supply of battery packs, that shouldn’t have any issues with fire. The Chevrolet Bolt was recalled due to having the potential to catch on fire, the issue was affecting all versions of […]

GM announces the new all electric Chevrolet Silverado

Today during its keynote at CES 2022, GM announced the all new, all electric Chevrolet Silverado. Thee truck is going up against the F-150 Lightning from Ford and has a range of 400 miles on both models. The Silverado will go on sale in the US later this year and two models will be available, the RST First Edition and the WT, which is more geared towards fleet use. Both […]

Chevrolet makes some minor changes to the new Corvette

This week, Chevrolet has revealed some updates for the Corvette with some minor updates, new colours and some engines enchainments. First off, the car is getting three new colours, with Hypersonic Gray, Caffeine and Amplify Orange Tintcoat. The large 6.2-litre V8 is getting some minor tweaks too, Chevrolet say that the engine calibration has been improved and the fuel injection system has been upgraded. The level of power is the […]

Chevrolet Corvette C8 will go on sale this October in the UK, from £81,700

The new Chevrolet Corvette C8 stingray will be going on sale this year as planned. We reported last year that the latest mid-engined Corvette would come to the UK in 2021 and now Chevrolet has revealed prices too. The famous American supercar will come to the UK later this year in October, for the first time in right hand drive too. Priced from £81,700, it’ll come in coupé and convertible […]

An all electric Corvette SUV could be in the works

According to a report from Bloomberg, Chevrolet could be working a new SUV under the Corvette brand, much like what Ford has done recently with the new Mustang Mach-E. The Corvette SUV could be an all electric SUV for the first time. The latest Corvette is mid engined and is also coming here to the UK soon, in right hand drive trim. But we’ll have to wait and see what GM and […]

GM has had to recall over 68,000 Chevy Bolts as issues with catching fire crop up

Last week the news broke that GM has recently started recalling Chevy Bolts due to the risk of the battery catching fire, GM is recalling a lot of cars, 68,677 of them and only ones manufactured earlier than 2020 due to the new model having improved battery chemistry. Detroit News broke the news last week and the recall will aid GM in getting to the bottom of five fires between 2017 and […]