Dacia has completed rollout of new logo on its models

Dacia revealed its brand new logo for its brand going forward earlier this year in June and since then the company has been working to change the logo on its dealerships, cars and website. Dacia has now completed the rebranding process and every model in the lineup looks quite a bit different because of it. Each model has now been tweaked to have the ‘DC’ logo on the front of […]

Dacia announces new camping version of the Jogger MPV

Dacia has recently announced a new camping package for the Jogger MPV which will be an option for upcoming versions of the car. Dacia hasn’t been fully clear if the camping package will be a dedicated trim level or an accessory, our guess would be an optional accessory. The Jogger is a seven seater on sale in the UK and offers unparalleled value for something of its size, with the […]

Dacia revamps the Duster Commercial, adds new company logo

Dacia has launched a new updated Duster Commercial, bringing the company’s new logo and a new updated grille design to this commercial vehicle. This update brings the Duster Commercial up to date with the remainder of the company’s lineup. Dacia unveiled its all new logo in June 2022 and has been rolling it out to its lineup of cars. The front grille has a new smoother design and the new […]

Dacia reveals brand new badge design

This week, Dacia has launched a brand new logo which will be making its way to the company’s models soon. The new ‘Dacia Link’ badge was revealed around a year ago but is only just now making its way to new cars. Dacia has released a new press release that shows the new logo on the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Jogger, Duster and the Spring. The Dacia Spring is not yet […]

Despite the poor NCAP score, Dacia says Jogger is its safest ever car

Last week, Euro NCAP awarded the new Dacia Jogger just one star for having poor safety assistance systems and poor protection for the passengers in the third row, the third row even lack seatbelt reminders. However, despite the poor score – Dacia has hit back and said that the Dacia Jogger is its “safest ever” model and some of the flaws the Euro NCAP tests pointed out are down to choices […]

Dacia won’t be making a van version of the Jogger, but a camper version is coming

Dacia has confirmed that a van version of the Jogger MPV will not be happening, however a campervan version has been confirmed with very little information at this stage. Dacia won’t be making a commercial vehicle version of the Jogger due to it not being complaint wit the N1 homologation rules. However the possibility of it has not been completely ruled out, the company does see the need for a […]

NCAP has given new Dacia Jogger one star in latest tests

The new Dacia Jogger was released around a month ago here in the UK and has had some glowing reviews, its the cheapest seven seater on the UK market right now and is based on the popular Sandero Stepway. However, in some recent Euro NCAP safety tests the car has scored pretty badly. Euro NCAP has given the Dacia Jogger one star out of five, with poor adult safety and […]

Dacia adds new Extreme SE trim level for the Duster SUV

For the UK market, Dacia has added a new top of the line trim level for the Duster SUV, with prices starting at £17,495. The Extreme SE sits at the top of the Duster lineup and offers some new visual enhancements such as a new paint colour, alloy wheels and interior design changes. On the outside, Dacia has added a new exclusive ‘urban grey’ paint, 17-inch alloy wheels and lots […]

Dacia Spring is now the best selling car in Romania

Dacia seem to have a hit on their hands already with the new Spring electric car. It is one of the cheapest on the market and is already on sale in most of Europe, including France, Romania and others. In Dacia’s home market of Romania the little Spring has now become the best selling car there, not the best selling EV but the overall car in the country. In just […]

All electric Dacia Spring has failed the Euro NCAP test

The new Dacia Spring might be coming to the UK sometime soon, but it is already on sale in mainland Europe. The small all electric city car is one of the cheapest full sized electric cars on sale in Europe, at €89 a month in France with a purchase price of around £10,500 when converted. Range is 143 miles from the 26.8kWh battery pack and 44bhp and a top speed of […]