Electric Vehicles

Production of the Volkswagen e-Golf has ended

This week the very last e-Golf was produced in Dresden to make way for the new ID 3 and ramp up production. The outgoing e-Golf was based on the last generation Golf Mk7 and when the Golf 8 was announced, Volkswagen said that there won’t be a new e-Golf as the ID.3 takes that place. The e-Golf launched back in 2014, had 118 miles of range and to date 145,561 […]

Tesla’s Supercharger network is now being used by other car manufacturers

Tesla’s large network of Superchargers is famously known for being exclusive to the company’s own cars but for some time, Tesla has hinted that it would be open to sharing the network with other customers of competing electric cars. Marques Brownlee from YouTube asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk why this isn’t happening. Musk came back and said while it is happening, it is “low key” but work is being done […]

Tesla’s Full Self Driving subscription is coming next year

Currently if you want to add Full Self Driving to your Tesla, you’ll need to shell out around $10,000 for the privilege up front but starting next year, Elon Musk has said that Tesla will start offering a pay-per-month package for the Full Self Driving add on, which can be especially useful for those who are leasing a Tesla. Absolutely. We will release FSD subscription early next year. — Elon […]

Tesla is going to stop Model S and X production temporarily

A few days ago, Tesla announced internally that it is planning on stopping production temporarily of the two higher end models it sells, the Model X and Model S. An internal email was obtained by CNBC and it will stop production from 24th December to the 11th January for the total of 18 days. Tesla said that the demand for its cars overall was “quite a bit higher” during the […]

Government launches new green numberplate for EVs

Starting this week, the new number plates for EVs only, are being rolled out and they have green badges to the left, where the usual country flag goes. The plates will make electric vehicles to be much easier to recognise, but they are only optional at this stage, rather than mandatory. Nissan and Yougov conducted some research which suggested that 32% of people that were surveyed would be more likely […]

Electric car registrations have doubled this year

So far in 2020, electric car registrations have almost doubled when compared to the numbers from 2019, so far this year 86,291 all electric vehicles were registered and last year, 37,850 were registered. These numbers have come from the the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and they have also said that while new registrations of EVs has increased, diesel registrations have also decreased by more than 50%. Diesel […]

Porsche’s best selling model in November was the all-electric Taycan

While the company hasn’t released any hard numbers on the amount of cars it has sold, Porsche spoke to Autocar and said that here in the UK last month, it sold more of the Taycan than any other of its models, typically the company sells more Macan SUVs most months. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first foray into the all electric world, it did make hybrid with the 918 back in 2013, […]

First all electric car charging forecourt in the UK opened today

The UK’s first all-electric car charging forecourt has opened today in Essex with capacity for up to 36 cars at a time – all powered by solar. The forecourt is just outside Braintree, Essex and comes from Gridserve, a company which specialises in solutions for electric vehicles and alternative energy. The project has been on the go since March and officially opened this morning. In terms of the energy source, […]

Volkswagen could launch a smaller all electric car in a few years

Volkswagen launched the ID.3 all electric here in Europe and the UK earlier this year and its the same outside space as a Golf, with the same wheelbase as a much larger Passat giving the car more room inside. Volkswagen is looking to expand the line up with a smaller car, probably called the ID.1 and it’ll be more Polo sized. Volkswagen has been dabbling with smaller electric cars for […]

Honda will stop selling combustion only cars in Europe in 2022

A few weeks ago, the UK Government brought forward the cut off date for the sale of brand new combustion only based cars from 2040 to 2030, with 2035 for hybrids and Honda has responded to say that in Europe at least, it’ll stop selling cars that are only powered by an ICE engine in 2022. This means that after 2022 the new cars that the company sells will either […]