Tesla will now stop people from playing games while moving

With its latest update, which was released this week – Tesla has now stopped allowing users to play games whilst the car is in motion. This update follows on from a new feature that Tesla released called Passenger Play, which allowed basically anyone to play games on the screen in the car, while the car was moving. The issue with Passenger Play was that, well it relied on someones good […]

New holiday update is now out for Teslas – adds TikTok, Sonic game and more!

Tesla has today released its big update for owners, just in the for the Christmas holiday. The update this time around is quite large, with a lot to dig into. First of all, Tesla has added some new entrainment apps, such as TikTok and a new Sonic the Hedgehog game. The TikTok app can be found under the Tesla Theatre and will allow users to watch any video from that […]

Tesla will be providing free off-peak Supercharging during Christmas

Already, some Tesla owners are dealing with issues of overcrowding at Supercharger stations and Tesla is looking to help solve some of these issues, as a lot of people in the US embarks on travels for Christmas. According to a report from Electrek, the company is looking to offer free charging at its locations in the US between 23rd December and 26th December, but at off peak hours such as 7pm through […]

Tesla stops taking orders for Model S and Model X in all areas apart from North America

Tesla has announced this week that it has now stopped taking any new orders for the Model S and Model X for countries outside of North America. For those areas, the company is saying that deliveries for existing orders should be fulfilled in the second half of next year. Tesla has been sending out communications to this customers who have ordered the Model S and Model X in the UK […]

Some new Teslas are shipping with no USB ports

It has been recently reported, that some new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars that are being delivered are arriving without any USB-C ports in the centre console or in the back seats. Tesla has said the cause is the ongoing chip shortages and it will be rectifying the issue in December, that is if the company can get the necessary parts. With this issue, some customers were notified […]

Tesla increases the price of the Model X and Model S

Tesla has recently increased the price of the Model S and Model X, as current demand is delaying some orders until 2022. Both models have been bumped in price by $5,000, around £3,600. Both models were heavily refreshed earlier this year, with light retouches on the outside and full interior revamps. Earlier last week too, the entry level cars, the Model 3 and Model Y also saw price increases by […]

Tesla launches a new CCS adapter in South Korea, coming to the US soon

Throughout the US, the CCS charging socket is proving popular, even though for Tesla vehicles they use a propriety connector. Here in the UK and Europe, the CCS standard is prevalent and Tesla even switched to using it by default on the Model 3 when it was launched here. However, as many third party chargers that are not on the Supercharger network have switched or are switching to CCS, Tesla […]

Tesla Model Y now available to pre-order in the UK

Starting today here in the UK, Tesla has made its new Model Y small SUV available to pre-order, with shipments estimated for early 2022. Initially, the company was going to build them at the Gigafactory in Berlin, however for some markets in Europe, Tesla has been shipping some over from Shanghai. It is unclear where Tesla is going to import the Model Y cars destined for the UK from, as […]

Tesla has confirmed the Roadster will start being produced in 2023

Despite the delays the Roadster has seen, Tesla is now on track to start production in 2023, which will be six years after initially announcing it, alongside the Semi in 2017. Elon Musk has attributed the delays of the roadster down to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequencing supply chain issues for parts. The second generation Roadster was originally due to go on sale in 2020, with prices starting at […]

Tesla is now offering Solar Roof installations to the whole of the US

Tesla is now offering installations of its solar roof to the whole of the US, as the company is moving to offer more installations of its solar product. Up until now, Tesla has only offered Solar Roof to those homes that were quite close to Tesla Energy warehouses, as well as having to be in approved areas. Due to these restrictions, Tesla hasn’t really been able to roll it out […]