Ford introduces automatic, entry level Puma ST

Ford has recently introduced a new, entry level model into the lineup for the Puma ST, which uses an automatic gearbox for the first time as well as using a 1.0-litre mild hybrid engine, with a bit less power than the full fat Puma ST model. The new Puma ST uses a 1.0-litre three cylinder engine, with a 48v mild hybrid system. Ford uses a belt driven starter generator, using […]

The USPS is purchasing around 9k Ford electric vans

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is turning to other electric vans, apart from its own next generation delivery vehicle. The company announced its own home-grown delivery vehicle a few years ago and will be capable of using petrol or electric motors. However, the USPS is going to be pinning everything on that one vehicle, as this week it has announced it’ll be purchasing 9,250 Ford electric vans, specifically the Ford […]

Ford killed off the Fiesta due to production capacity at Cologne factory

Ford has revealed that the decision to kill of the iconic Fiesta was down to production capacity. Ford Model E boss Martin Sander has said that the hatchback was dropped because Ford is focusing on new electric cars, with a large $2 billion investment in new EVs. Production space was needed at the company’s Cologne factory in Germany. Martin Sander spoke to Autocar a few days ago and said that Ford “needed […]

Ford launches new Puma Vivid Ruby Edition

Ford has this week revealed a new luxury trim level for the Puma crossover. The new ‘Vivid Ruby Edition’ will sit just below the Puma ST and offer more luxury features as well as an exclusive exterior paint colour, which is also called ‘Vivid Ruby’ and this is the only colour available. The new model only comes in one colour, the ‘Vivid Ruby’ metallic paint, contrasting black roof, black door […]

DHL orders 2,000 all-electric E-Transit vans from Ford

DHL is working hard to make sure its delivery fleet is using more sustainable transport. To aid this, the company has ordered around 2,000 all-electric Ford E-Transit vans for use in last mile situations and these will be deployed around the world. Of course, delivery companies like DHL are already using EV vans as part of their fleet and DHL already has 27,000 EVs in its fleet, but this new […]

Ford launches new Ranger Platinum pickup truck

Ford has today announced a new luxury focused version the latest generation of Ranger pickup truck. The Ranger Platinum will cost from £44,400 in the UK and is pitched as a more luxury option and Ford is hoping to convert some customers to go more upmarket than the Wildtrak model. The Wildtrak is the most popular trim level for the Ranger in the UK, with it making up 80% of […]

Ford reveals all electric Ford E-Tourneo Custom MPV

Earlier today, Ford has revealed an all new electric E-Tourneo Custom, a multipurpose vehicle for transporting people, for families or shuttle companies. While Ford has offered a Tourneo version of the Transit Custom and the Transit Connect, this is the first time that the company is moving it to a fully electric vehicle. The Tourneo models take the commercial van of which it is based and make it more sutuibale […]

Despite plans to drop it from sale, the Ford Fiesta was the UK’s best selling car in October

Last month, we had news that Ford is going to be dropping the iconic Fiesta hatchback from sale in 2023. However, hot on the tales of that news, it has been reported that the Fiesta was actually the best selling car in the UK last month. October 2022 saw the Fiesta climb the charts, beating the Vauxhall Corsa for the first time since the start of the year. New figures […]

Ford has sold its share in Sollers Ford, meaning it has now fully pulled out of Russia

This week, the Ford Motor Company has announced that it has sold its stake in ‘Sollers Ford’, ultimately ending the company’s presence in Russia, after 11 years running the joint venture with Sollers. Ford sold its 49% share in the joint venture for a “nominal value,” with the option to buy back the share if the situation change. Back in 2011, Ford and Sollers founded a joint venture together to […]

Now confirmed, Ford is dropping the Fiesta in 2023

Yesterday, we reported the news that it was understood that Ford was going to end production of the iconic Fiesta hatchback in 2023. The news came from The Sun at the time, but earlier today the car company has confirmed the rumour, that come June 2023 the car would be dropped from sale. The Fiesta is currently manufactured in Cologne, Germany and by June 2023, the car will be discontinued. This […]