Ford reveals all new Mondeo – only available in China

Ford has introduced the all new fifth generation Mondeo which for the first time since the model was introduced will be only sold in China. Ford will stop offering the current Mondeo here in the UK later this year in March. Ford has been offering the Mondeo over in China since 2002, but going forward the car will now only be offered there. Ford unveiled the new version at the […]

Ford announces new 400bhp Bronco Raptor

Ford this week has revealed its new top of the line model for the Bronco SUV, with the Bronco Raptor. Ford says this is focused on Baja rock crawling, high speed dune runs and good road manors. The company has not yet revealed any pricing for the Bronco Raptor but we do know that like the standard models, it is US only. This is now the third major model in […]

New Ford Bronco Raptor to be announced on Monday

Ford is set to announce an all new variant of the Ford Bronco, with the Bronco Raptor which like its F-150 stablemate is expected to be a more powerful, more off road focused model with all terrain tyres. Ford CEO, Jim Farley tweeted on Friday this week that the company is planning on announcing the new model next week on Monday 24th January at 6am EST. Get ready. #BroncoRaptor […]

Amazon Fire TV is being added to Ford SUVs this year

Some Ford SUV models in the US will be getting Amazon Fire TV preinstalled on the head units, with the capability to use Alexa, run apps and watch TV when on the road. Amazon has already partnered with Jeep for the same thing and starting this year, the 2022 Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Navigator SUV will be getting access too, as well as some SUVs from Stellantis. The interface […]

Due to demand, Ford is doubling F-150 Lightning production

Ford has announced today that is doubling production of its latest EV, the Ford F-150 Lightning. It has recently stopped taking new reservations of the electric pickup due to increased demand and the company has said it is “completely oversubscribed.” Production will be increased to 150,000 vehicles per year and the pre-orders for the F-150 Lightning have been capped at 200,000 for now. To help with the demand, Ford has drafted in […]

Ford Mustang Mach-E range increased for updated model

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been tweaked for the 2022 model year, with updated range thanks to some software improvements which has helped unlock some more usable energy from the battery pack. The engineers have managed to get around 7.4% more range out of it, which offers 17 miles more on the Standard Range RWD model. These figures come from the Ford US online configurator. For the UK models, the […]

Ford stops selling all diesel versions of the Kuga

Ford has announced last week that like the Fiesta, the Kuga will now no longer be available with the option of a diesel engine. Ford stopped offering any diesel powered Fiesta models in October 2020 due to low sales. Now, the Kuga SUV is petrol only, as the 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre diesel engines have been axed from the range. Industry wide, diesel powered models are not selling that well, with […]

Ford stops taking reservations for all electric F-150 Lightning

Ford has now stopped taking any new reservations for its new, all electric F-150 pickup truck. Ford has had 200,000 orders for the new truck and has now officially stopped taking new orders. Jim Farley, Ford CEO broke the news on CNBC when speaking to Jim Cramer on the show. “We are completely oversubscribed with our battery electric vehicles, Lightning especially. We had to stop reservations we got so many, […]

Ford Mondeo lives on over in China

Ford announced earlier this year that the Mondeo brand in the EU and UK would be going away in 2022, but in various findings today on the Chinese Ministry for Industry and Information Technology website, the Ford Mondeo is back with a fifth generation. Ford will begin delivering the new car to Chinese customers in the second quarter of 2022. The new car is the result of a new collaboration […]

Ford US will be deploying engineers to constantly test broken electric car chargers

Ford is aware of what issues EV drivers see on a fairly regular basis, a charge that doesn’t work. Naturally, this can put potential electric car owners off, so Ford’s manger of electric vehicles, Darren Palmer has announced that the company has plans to visit any electric chargers in the US that may have had data from a Mach-E, or any complaints on social media and test the chargers with a […]