Ford is planning on launching seven new electric vehicles in Europe by 2024

Ford is planning to release a lot of new electric vehicles in the next two years, with seven new models to be released in Europe by the year 2024. The company will be releasing vans, MPVs, crossovers and some sport models too. Ford will even launch an electric version of the smallest Courier van. Ford’s ‘medium sized’ crossover will be the very first mass-produced passenger electric vehicle from the new […]

Ford has stopped orders for the new 2022 Focus due to shortage of parts

Ford has confirmed this week that it has had to stop taking orders for the new facelifted version of the Focus. Ford revealed the updated car in October last year and it comes with a lot of upgrades to its infotainment system with a much larger 13.2in Sync 4 screen. However, speaking to Autocar this week, Ford said that it is having issues obtaining the components needed to fit the larger […]

Ford announces brand new 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor, with V6 and 284bhp

Ford has today introduced the first new model in the fourth generation Ranger lineup, with the all new Ranger Raptor, the most extreme and performance focused model in the range. The old models had a 2.0-litre diesel engine, but Ford has now swapped this out for a much more suitable and more powerful, petrol V6. The new engine is a 3.0-litre petrol V6, pushing out 284bhp, which has 74bhp more […]

Consumer Reports rates the Ford Mustang Mach-E ahead of the Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports has updated its recommended electric vehicle for the first time in a few years. For the past two years, the organisation has been recommending the Tesla Model 3 as its top choice for an EV in the US. However, since the introduction of the Ford Mustang Mach-E Consumer Reports has now changed its stance. Consumer Reports is now recommending the Mustang Mach-E, describing it has having a “far easier” […]

Ford has cut production in North America due to chip shortages

Ford has had to reduce its output of vehicles manufactured in the US, due to the ongoing chip shortage which is affecting a wide array of industries worldwide. Ford US spoke to Reuters last week who said that it would be either stopping or reducing production at eight of its factories in the US, Canada and Mexico. The start of this commenced today. Ford has had issues relating to the […]

Ford’s Q4 earnings reveal its best EV sales numbers to date

Ford has had some excellent sales numbers for its increasing line of electric vehicles, with the new hybrid Maverick and all electric F-150 Lightning pickup enjoying high preorder numbers. During its Q4 earnings call this week, Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company is working hard to take electric vehicles more mainstream and to date, 275,000 all electric Fords have been either ordered or reserved. In January, the company revealed […]

Ford reveals all new Mondeo – only available in China

Ford has introduced the all new fifth generation Mondeo which for the first time since the model was introduced will be only sold in China. Ford will stop offering the current Mondeo here in the UK later this year in March. Ford has been offering the Mondeo over in China since 2002, but going forward the car will now only be offered there. Ford unveiled the new version at the […]

Ford announces new 400bhp Bronco Raptor

Ford this week has revealed its new top of the line model for the Bronco SUV, with the Bronco Raptor. Ford says this is focused on Baja rock crawling, high speed dune runs and good road manors. The company has not yet revealed any pricing for the Bronco Raptor but we do know that like the standard models, it is US only. This is now the third major model in […]

New Ford Bronco Raptor to be announced on Monday

Ford is set to announce an all new variant of the Ford Bronco, with the Bronco Raptor which like its F-150 stablemate is expected to be a more powerful, more off road focused model with all terrain tyres. Ford CEO, Jim Farley tweeted on Friday this week that the company is planning on announcing the new model next week on Monday 24th January at 6am EST. Get ready. #BroncoRaptor […]

Amazon Fire TV is being added to Ford SUVs this year

Some Ford SUV models in the US will be getting Amazon Fire TV preinstalled on the head units, with the capability to use Alexa, run apps and watch TV when on the road. Amazon has already partnered with Jeep for the same thing and starting this year, the 2022 Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Navigator SUV will be getting access too, as well as some SUVs from Stellantis. The interface […]