Honda e dropped from sale in the EU, UK and Japan

Honda has recently discontinued the iconic Honda e electric hatchback in the UK, Europe and Japan. Since its introduction in 2020 sales haven’t been as impressive as Honda hoped. A few things can be attributed to this, namely the hefty price increase. In 2020, the Honda e was priced at £29,160 (after Govt. grant, which has since been removed). Before being dropped from sale, Honda was asking £37,395 for the […]

Honda e Advance Review, a future classic?

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5 “The Honda e is an amazing proof of concept and as a city car, it works really well. The design is iconic and really attention grabbing. However, the range can be limiting for some people.” Intro The Honda e was originally introduced back in 2017 as a concept car and at the time, it caught the attention and imagination of the automotive press and the public. It was […]

Honda reveals UK pricing for new e:Ny1 EV

Honda has revealed the pricing for the upcoming all electric e:Ny1 EV, which is set to be available to order in October this year. The car was revealed recently and is only the company’s second pure EV model, following on from the Honda e. The new e:Ny1 will cost from £44,995 in the UK, which does put it above its rivals, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric, Peugeot e-2008 and […]

The Honda E won’t see a replacement, company to focus on SUVs instead

Honda has revealed that the iconic Honda E electric car won’t be getting a direct replacement anytime soon, due to customer choices that are more towards SUVs. The company has said that, for the foreseeable future, it won’t be making any small electric cars, with an increased focus on SUV models – as they are more popular. Honda currently has a growing lineup of SUV models, with the CR-V, ZR-V […]

Restyled Honda Civic Type R on sale now in the UK, priced from £46,995

This week, Honda has put the all new Civic Type R on sale in the UK, with prices starting at a pretty high, £46,995. The first deliveries to customers are due to start in January 2023, after the car was revealed back in July this year. The all new Civic Type R has a much more restrained look, with the outgoing car being a very busy design, with a lot […]

Honda is planning to launch more than ten new electric motorbikes by 2030

Honda has announced it is working on a range of all electric cars, with a plan to launch ten 10 models by 2030. Honda is aiming to sell 3.5 million all electric motorbikes by the end of the decade and one million within the next five years. These won’t be the first all electric bikes to be available, not by any stretch – there have been many companies trying their […]

Honda introduces brand new Civic Type R with less aggressive look than lest gen

Honda yesterday has introduced a brand new version of the iconic Civic Type R hot hatch. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, this will most likely be the very last pure combustion hot hatchback from Honda. When the new car was unveiled, it was on the 25th anniversary of the Civic Type R – which was definitely no accident. The car is once again front wheel drive, despite most of the […]

Honda announces brand new CR-V for 2023

Honda has announced the all new CR-V SUV this week, and is coming soon to Europe. The company has announced the new car in the US for now and has been rebuilt and completely re-engineered from the ground up. The new CR-V will go on sale in Europe in 2023 and made its debut this week over in the US. It is around six years since Honda revealed the current […]

Honda introduces new Honda e limited edition, prices from £38,120

Today, Honda has launched a new limited edition of the all electric Honda e with only 50 units coming to Europe. There is a significant price increase over the standard car, at a £6,855 increase over the standard Honda e Advance. The new limited edition model comes in at £38,120 in the UK. As mentioned, just 50 examples of this car are coming to the UK and Europe with some […]

Honda launches new special edition NSX to mark the end of the supercar

The Honda NSX is coming to an end, the company launched the second generation model back in 2016 and it hasn’t sold many units worldwide. Acura, a US based sister brand to Honda is launching a new run out model, called the Type S special edition, with more power and more torque. The car will only be produced in a limited capacity with only 350 being produced. 300 are reserved […]