Lexus launches new all electric RZ 450e

Lexus has launched a brand new all electric car with the RZ 450e. It it the very first bespoke, all electric model from the company and has some competitive range and performance figures. It has 308bhp, 4WD and can do 0-60mph in just 5.6 seconds. The RZ 450e is due to go on sale here in the UK later this year and is a similar size to the existing Lexus […]

Toyota and Lexus to add CarPlay to 2019 models

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today, Lexus unveiled its latest car – The 2019 Avalon saloon car and according to a post from Apple blog MacRumors, it is the first new car from Lexus that will support CarPlay from Apple. This is something which a handful of car journalists have criticised Lexus for, as all the big main manufactures now support CarPlay and or Android Auto, including Volkswagen, […]