Morgan introduces brand new Super 3 three wheeler

Morgan has announced the all new Super 3, marking a return to the world of three wheelers with a brand new design and the company’s first “clean sheet” design since the Aero 8 was launched back in 2000. Morgan revived the iconic three wheeler in 2012, it had an S&S engine with a top speed of 115mph. Due to its small size and light weight – at 550kg the three […]

Morgan announces new off-road Plus Four CX-T

Late last week, Morgan surprised most of the motoring press and the company’s followers by announcing the new CX-T, an off-road version of the Plus Four Roadster, which is as Morgan say – designed for overlanding. This, as Morgan says goes back to the early days of the company when the cars were used in endurance trialling. Morgan designed the new CX-T in early last year, when the company’s new […]

Morgan has announced the 3 Wheeler will end production next year

Malvern Hills based Morgan is ending production of the iconic 3 Wheeler next year in 2021 after what will be 10 years on the market due to approval of the S&S V-twin engine. The company has produced over 2,500 3 Wheelers over the years and to celebrate the end, just 33 limited run examples will be produced. The limited version will be called the P101 Edition and will cost £45,000, […]

Morgan Motors has resumed production this week, but in very limited numbers

Like other UK based car factories, Morgan Motors stopped production back at the end of March to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. This week the company has resumed production at its Malvern Hills based factory on Monday 12th May, bit in a limited fashion, only twenty staff have returned back to work. “This very small scale reintroduction provides us a good opportunity to prove some of the new […]