Mercedes reports double EV sales in 2022, compared to the year prior

Mercedes has announced its EV sales for last year. The German car company has managed to double its sales of EVs in 2022, over 2021 with 117,800 pure EV cars sold, which covers both vans and cars sold under the Mercedes brand only. However, with all powertrains considered, the company sold 2,043,900 vehicles to its customers which is behind BMW, who sold 2.4 million in the same time period. However, […]

Tesla driver in Germany fell asleep with autopilot on

Earlier this month, it was reported that a Tesla driver in Bavaria, Germany was chased by police for 15 minutes after had fallen asleep with the autopilot self driving system switched on. The driver, 45 had reclined his seat and was driving along the A70 road near Bamberg. The traffic officers ad noticed that the driver was tailing the police car at the exact same distance in front, at 68mph […]

Mitie to install new EV chargers at UK employment centres

Service provider, Mitie has announced it has won a new contract to install 50 charging points at 120 employment centres in the UK. The company has been hired by the UK Department for Work and Pensions, with the contract being worth £4.3 million. It is unclear if these EV chargers will only be for the use of the employees who work at the employment centres, or for visitors too. Considering […]

Octopus Energy has partnered with Stellantis

Announced at the end of last month, Octopus Energy has now expanded its partnership with Stellantis beyond Vauxhall and is now encompassing all of the other Stellantis brands, such as Citroën, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep and Peugeot. This new partnership will give customers many benefits, including simplified public charging and a wallbox charger installed at home. When a customer of Octopus Energy, uses will be able to access 330,000 public […]

Lidl opens four new charging parks in France

At the end of 2022, Lidl opened four new fast-charging parks at shops in France, which have very competitive prices per kWh and are even open 24/7, which is independent of what the Lidl supermarkets are open. Each of these new locations have a handful of DC and AC chargers, with a range of charging speeds, between 22kWh AC and up to 360kW DC. All of the charger locations have […]

New Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray hybrid to launch this week

Chevrolet is planning on unveiling the first electrified Corvette this week, with a hybrid version due to be announced on the 17th January. The upcoming model is set to be called the ‘E Ray Hybrid’ and will likely still use the same 6.2-litre V8 petrol engine, as well as some electric equipment. Chevrolet released a teaser video which showed the car undergoing some cold weather testing, which if you look […]

Dacia debuts new ‘Extreme’ Spring EV with more powerful electric motor

Dacia has recently debuted a new, more powerful version of the all-electric Spring. The car is the only all electric model Dacia offers and has been on sale in most of Europe for around a year, and has proven to be very popular. The company has said that it will be coming to the UK after 2024, once the demand in Romania has slowed down. However, last week Dacia announced […]

Jeep Avenger 4×4 variant due to launch in 2024

Jeep has revealed that it is planning on launching a new 4×4 variant of the upcoming all-electric Avenger. The off-road focused model will go on sale in 2024, but Jeep has maintained that the front wheel drive Avenger is just as capable off-road as the Renegade. The Avenger is the first model Jeep has ever launched that was designed for Europe, rather than being a US first model, brought over […]

Suzuki Jimny now offered in larger five-door version – but not in the UK

Suzuki is launching a new larger version of the iconic Suzuki off-roader. The larger model will have five doors, making rear access much easier but Suzuki will only be offering it in Africa, Australia, India and Latin America. The car likely won’t be coming to the UK as the outgoing passenger version was dropped from sale here, due to new emissions regulations. Suzuki currently offers the Jimmy as a commercial […]