Car Review – Mini Electric, first impressions

For the past few days, I have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the brand new Mini Electric, in the entry level ‘Level 2″ model. This particular car costs £31,000 in the UK and Mini has made the online configurator being incredibly easy to use, with simple choices. All you need to do is choose the alloys, colour and contrasting colour. If you wish to add some […]

Ford saw huge growth of US EV sales last month

Ford has recently achieved a new milestone in EV sales for the US market. The company saw a sales growth of a whopping 307% last month, as it works to convert its product line to be full electric. This achievement is no small feat, while Ford only has three full EV models on sale. Ford offers the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and the E-Transit. The most popular of the trio […]

Premium Mercedes EQS SUV will go on sale in November

Mercedes announced the all new EQS SUV earlier this year in April and it is soon about to go on sale in the UK. In a few months time in November, Mercedes will put the premium SUV on sale, priced from £130,000. The EQS brand name applies to the ultra-luxury versions of the company’s electric vehicles, with a saloon EQS already on sale. The EQS SUV will be available as […]

Citroën announces new top spec My Ami Tonic

Citroën has launched a new variant of the all electric Ami. The Ami went on sale earlier this year with prices starting at £8,095 – or £19.99 per month on a pretty decent finance deal. The all new My Ami Tonic is on sale now and offers a new unique design, which Citroën has been inspired by sunglasses. It costs from £8,695 in the UK. The My Ami Tonic has […]

Cazoo is considering closing its European business

To help save cash, Cazoo could pull out of some markets after it posted a huge £243 million loss in the first half of the year. Cazoo is a British company and expanded into Europe as part of a grand plan to conquer the digital used car market. However, the company might need to revert back to operating in the UK only as it needs to stop losing money. Earlier […]

Škoda is working on a small electric car, will cost under £20k

This week, it has been reported that Škoda is working on a small electric car, similar in size to the existing Fabia. The upcoming car would cost under £20,000 and will ultimately replace the current Fabia model. Autocar spoke to Klaus Zellmer, the boss of Škoda who revealed the news. This week Škoda revealed the all new Vision 7S concept car and Autocar spoke to Zellmer at the launch. Zellmer revealer that the Fabia […]

As of 2024, VW will only sell EVs in Norway

Volkswagen has announced that by 2024, it will only be selling electric cars in Norway. VW has chosen to do this ahead of of any regulations in the country forcing the company to sell nothing but EVs. Nothing like this has happened yet in Norway, but considering the way everything is going and the fact that the ban on new combustion powered cars has already been scheduled here in the […]

Rear wheel drive Tesla Model Y now available in UK and Europe

Today, Tesla has launched a new entry level Model Y in the UK and Europe. The rear wheel drive Model Y standard range is now on sale priced from £51,990 in the UK with similar pricing in the rest of Europe. This model will be available to customers between December 2022 and February 2023 and features one less motor, hence being rear wheel drive and has less range too, at […]

Lamborghini announces the Urus Performante, a lightened and more dynamic version

Late last week, Lamborghini revealed the all new Urus Performante SUV which like other Performante models, takes the standard car and improves on it. To date, the Urus is actually Lamborghini’s best selling car and the new version offers better driving dynamics, less drag all around and comes with a lighter weight too. The new Urus Performante was revealed in person last week at the Monterey Car Week in California. […]

Porsche unveils the all new 911 GT3 RS, priced from £178,500 in the UK

Today, Porsche has unveiled the all new 911 GT3 RS for 2022. The new car is the first all new GT3 RS since 2018 and is the first to be based on the current 992 generation of the 911. Porsche has said this version is the “most track-focused” version they have ever made. With the new GT3 RS, Porsche has fitted a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine, with 517bhp. This […]