New Vauxhall Crossland is available to order now

Earlier this week, Vauxhall revealed the prices for the new Crossland SUV, gone is the X from the name and it has a brand new face to match Vauxhall’s look going forward. The base spec SE model is £19,060 all the way up to £27,430 for the top of the range model. All cars inside LED headlights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Higher spec models add reversing camera and rear […]

Volkswagen reveals prices for new Caddy

Volkswagen announced the all new Caddy van back in February of this year, the new van sits on the MQB platform for the first time, giving the car more room and a larger distance between the arches. At the time, nothing was known about the pricing, just that it has a very similar interior to the new Golf 8. We now know that the Caddy will start at £17,800 when […]

Volkswagen announces new Golf R – more power, lighter and new Drift Mode

Today, as previewed Volkswagen has announced the all new Golf R which is based on the brand new Golf 8 which went on sale earlier this year in the summer. Volkswagen is starting to fill out the line up for the eighth generation Golf, we already have the base line of cars, the Golf GTI has already gone on sale, with a Clubsport coming soon and the all important estate […]

Jonny Smith interviews Top Gear’s Chris Harris in a two part video

Jonny Smith, a man best known for Fifth Gear and Smith and Sniff – a podcast he runs with Richard Porter, who was the script editor for Top Gear throughout the Clarkson era and now The Grand Tour sat down with current presenter of Top Gear, Chris Harris. Chris is a former writer for Autocar and is a racing driver and has been making videos on YouTube before he joined Top Gear and is a very well respected man in […]

Volkswagen will be unveiling the new Golf R tomorrow

The new Golf 8 went on sale back in June and so far we’;eve seen the new GTI, GTI Clubsport, GTE and the GTD – but, the flagship Golf R has been missing up until now, VW teased the image above yesterday with an announcement date of tomorrow, 4th November. The Golf R has always been a more serious car than its GTI relative, with more power, planted four wheel […]

Shell garages in the UK stop selling LPG, due to low demand

Here in the UK, Shell has stopped selling LPG gas on its forecourts due to low demand from customers. Shell supplied Autogas, which was a joint venture between Calor and Shell and the last Shell garage to stop selling did so on 29th October 2020. “Autogas is a joint venture between Shell and Calor and, although drivers of LPG vehicles will no longer be able to refuel at Autogas sites […]

Ford will be announcing the all-electric Ford Transit next week

The electric car revolution is with us, the car market is nearly there, with the prices coming down but the electric van market is quite new in comparison, the likes of Vauxhall, Peugeot and Citroen all have all electric vans on the market with competitive specs but as of last week, Ford announced that it is getting into the game – wit the e-Transit. PSA have the Peugeot e-Expert, Citroen […]

Jaguar launches new updated E-Pace

Today Jaguar has updated its mini SUV, the E-Pace – which despite its name is not Jaguar’s electric SUV, this is of course the I-Pace. On the face of it, this update looks like a face lift with updated bumpers, new wing vents, LED headlights with a new look – which are also standard on the whole range this time. There are more changes here, other than looks. Jaguar has […]

Porsche Taycan will soon have native Apple Podcast support

Porsche has recently updated the Taycan to now support native Apple Podcasts, as well as native Apple Music integration, which was added last year. This is the first car to have both serviced natively built in. Apple Music is also gaining the real time lyrics which was added to iOS recently too. “A great podcast can make any drive more enjoyable. With Apple Podcasts, drivers can effortlessly catch up on […]

VW Golf 8 GTD now on sale in the UK

Volkswagen is slowly rolling out new models of the Golf 8, and last week the new GTD version has gone on sale for £32,790, following the GTI and the new GTE which went on sale late last month. The GTD comes in at £670 less than the new GTI and by name, it uses a diesel engine but offers a large amount of power considering the ‘GT’ badge. Golf GTD […]