Suzuki to launch electric Jimny 4×4 in Europe by 2030

The iconic and popular Suzuki Jimny was sadly dropped from sale in the UK during 2020, mainly due to emissions. Thankfully, for those customers who wanted it – Suzuki did offer a commercial vehicle option, with no back seats. However, as of writing in early 2023, Suzuki doesn’t offer the Jimny, despite it being a cult favourite among owners and enthusiasts. In terms of electric vehicles, Suzuki is pretty far […]

Suzuki Jimny now offered in larger five-door version – but not in the UK

Suzuki is launching a new larger version of the iconic Suzuki off-roader. The larger model will have five doors, making rear access much easier but Suzuki will only be offering it in Africa, Australia, India and Latin America. The car likely won’t be coming to the UK as the outgoing passenger version was dropped from sale here, due to new emissions regulations. Suzuki currently offers the Jimmy as a commercial […]

Suzuki Jimny to come back as a five door hybrid

Suzuki could be bringing the iconic Jimny back as a larger five door model, this time as a hybrid. Suzuki sadly pulled the small 4×4 from sale in the UK back in 2020 due to stricter emissions requirements for fleets. The Jimny was having a bad effect on Suzuki’s fleet average CO2 emissions, so it was removed from sale even though it has remained available in other countries. However, Suzuki […]

Suzuki will launch its first electric car in 2025

So far Suzuki hasn’t really got much into the electric car game, the company so far hasn’t had to need it to bring its average fleet CO2 emissions down as the majority of its models are very light had have small engines. However, all of Suzuki’s model now in the UK are available, or only come with a 48v mild hybrid system. Suzuki is also only able to offer full […]

Suzuki Jimny is back on sale in the UK, as a commercial vehicle

Suzuki took the popular small 4×4, the Jimny off of sale in the UK late last year due to emissions issues, as there Jimny was affecting Suzuki’s fleet average CO2 emissions for Europe. However, the company revealed in September last year that the Jimny would be coming back on sale, but this time as a two-seat commercial 4×4. The rear has on seats and no option for installing them, instead […]

The Suzuki Jimny is saved! It’s coming back as a commercial vehicle

The plucky Suzuki Jimny was taken of sale in July due to its high CO2 emissions, and therefore it’s effects on Suzuki’s average CO2 level. The 1.5 litre petrol engine emits a fair amount, the current average limit for an entire fleet of vehicles from a car manufacturer is 95g/km and the Jimny outputs 154g/km. The automatic version kicks out 170g/km of CO2. However, undeterred Suzuki has found a loophole and […]