Vauxhall reveals pricing for new Corsa, top spec electric variant to be £38,585

Vauxhall has today revealed the pricing for the new Corsa range, including the revamped Corsa Electric, which features a top spec model, coming in at £38,585. The current, outgoing Corsa Electric is on sale now from £34,080 in GS trim, or £36,685 for Ultimate. The new Corsa electric will start from £32,445 for the 134bhp unit, or from £38,585 for 154bhp. Vauxhall will still be offering petrol Corsa models, starting […]

Vauxhall Corsa updated with new design, improved range for EV

Late last month, Vauxhall updated the popular Corsa with the company’s new vizor design front end. This new design fits in with the rest of the Vauxhall lineup and dramatically modernises the car. Other changes include more technology as standard, new mid hybrid options and improved range for the Corsa Electric. Corsa Electric Looking at the updated Corsa Electric, it now has an upgraded battery pack, which is now a […]

Vauxhall stops offering the Astra with a diesel engine

Vauxhall has decided to stop offering diesel versions of the new Astra hatchback and estate, citing poor demand for the power-train. A large amount of car companies have been stepping back from offering diesel options of its cars lately, with BMW recently, Vauxhall with the Corsa last year and many more. Like many car companies, Vauxhall is also planning on becoming on EV only brand in the next few years, […]

Vauxhall updates the Mokka Electric with new battery pack and more range

Vauxhall has this week updated the all-electric Mokka Electric with a new larger battery pack which is now 54kWh with 51kWh usable capacity, which is replacing the previous 50kWh pack. The same larger pack will be coming to other Stellantis vehicles, including a refreshed Peugeot e-208. The larger capacity helps the Mokka Electric out with more range, which is up by 20% over the outgoing model at 252 miles. The same […]

Vauxhall announces the new all electric Astra, complete with estate version

Vauxhall has today announced the new Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric, both will be going on sale here in the UK in June 2023. The most interesting bit of news is that there is going to be an estate version, of which there aren’t many available, the other being the new MG5 which is only made in an estate option. The Astra Electric does away with the naming […]

Vauxhall to bring new vizor design to 2023 Corsa

Vauxhall is planning on releasing a new, redesigned Corsa in 2023 which will take inspiration from the new Astra and Crossland. The latest Vauxhall models are using a new ‘vizor’ style front end, which has a simple blacked out grille and slimline designed LED headlights. The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the best selling cars in the UK at the moment and in the middle of 2023, it’ll receive a […]

Vauxhall replaces VXR brand with GSe, aimed at sporty EV models

Vauxhall has announced some new changes to its branding for performance vehicles. Vauxhall, before it was taken over by Stellantis in 2020 had a few models under the VXR brand, with the Astra, Corsa, Insignia all getting performance models over the years. However, Vauxhall hasn’t updated these models recently, instead focusing on getting its electric models going forward. The only performance models the company has launched recently is the Insignia […]

New electric Vauxhall Astra-e to launch in 2023

Vauxhall put the new Astra on sale here in the UK last November, but unlike the Corsa – there hasn’t been an all electric model available from launch. However, Vauxhall is getting ready to launch the new Astra-e in 2023, with plug-in hybrid version being made available first. As a company, Vauxhall is working on launching electric versions of each car in its lineup by 2024, with the entire Vauxhall […]

As the Vauxhall Corsa turns 40, a special edition inspired by the Nova is released

Earlier this week, the Vauxhall Corsa turned 40 years old and to celebrate, Vauxhall has announced a new special edition called the ‘Vauxhall Corsa-e Anniversary Edition’ which is the top spec Corsa, in EV only and the S Line trim. The new car is inspired by the Vauxhall Nova, which was launched back in 1982. The Nova was the previous name Opel and Vauxhall used back then for the Corsa, […]

Vauxhall stops selling the Insignia, coming back as an EV model by 2026

Today, Vauxhall has stopped selling its medium sized saloon car, the Insignia. For the time being, Vauxhall has no plans to replace it soon, but with a long term future of being replaced with a fully electric version in 2026. The latest Insignia was only just facelifted two years ago and the company has said that it’ll be fulfilling any new orders, but for now the Insignia won’t be replaced. Over […]