Dell and Tile partner up to launch new stylus that can be tracked

Dell has partnered with Tile to launch its new stylus. The new pen can be found easily using the Tile network, it’ll even be able to flash its LED lights and buzz to help you find it easier. The Tile app will also show where it saw it last and then you can make an attempt to find it. The Premier Rechargeable Active Pen is on sale now for $110 […]

Dell launches a new 4K webcam, using a Sony sensor

Dell has released a brand new webcam with an impressive Sony sensor which is 4K and is also built for low light scenarios. More people are still working from home and for many, that won’t change for a long time and the need for better quality webcams are needed as ones built into laptops are generally not great. Many people even purchased or used DSLR cameras as webcams over the […]