eero announces two new PoE enabled products, including WiFi 6 AP

eero has today announced some new networking products to its lineup that support power-over-ethernet (PoE) something that already commonplace in the world of enterprise networking, from companies such as Ubiquiti and Cambium Networks. eero, which is nowadays owned by Amazon has two new products today, with a new WiFi 6 access point and PoE Gateway. The new eero PoE Gateway is a powerful gateway router which connects your home to […]

Apple has now started selling Eero routers in its store

Apple is edging pretty closer to Amazon lately, in the last few years Apple has started selling its products on Amazon, Apple Music has been added to Amazon Echo devices and even more recently Amazon has now had the ability to sell its movies and TV shows within the Apple TV app, which until recently Apple has not allowed. Starting this week, Apple has started selling the Amazon owned Eero […]

Eero’s routers and mesh system now supports Apple HomeKit

At Apple’s WWDC last year, it announced a few additions to HomeKit, one was HomeKit Secure Video which utilises the power of the HomePod or Apple TV to analyse footage and stores videos in iCloud. This week, Netatmo announced support for this. The other, was HomeKit support for home routers which will automatically configure the firewall to help isolate smart home devices from your main LAN. This isn’t a new […]

Big Feature: Eero is looking to dramatically improve home WiFi

Let’s face it home wifi is a nightmare – even something as simple as walls can affect the speed and signal from the router. Several companies over the years have attempted to make the process of setting up and managing a network much easier and faster, admittedly Apple has seriously led the industry for a while now with their easy to use AirPort line, the Extreme was the first router […]