Netflix will shut down its DVD rental service in September

Netflix has announced that after 25 years of offering DVD rentals, that side of the business is going to come to an end. Netflix first got started back in 1997 and shipped its first DVD to a customer in 1998 and has since then shipped 5.2 billion DVDs to over 40 million customers. However, times have changed and people aren’t renting movies on DVD anymore so Netflix is deciding to […]

New Netflix plan with ads doesn’t work on Apple TV just yet

Earlier this week, Netflix made its new ad-supported plan live in twelve countries around the world, but there seems to be something the company overlooked in testing. The new plan doesn’t work on Apple TV hardware devices yet, Netflix says that support for tvOS is “coming soon.” “Basic with ads isn’t supported on Apple TV. To watch Netflix on your Apple TV, you’ll need to upgrade your Netflix plan to the Basic, Standard, or Premium plan. Or, to […]

Netflix announces new ad-supported plan, priced from £4.99/$6.99 per month

Yesterday, Netflix revealed its long awaited cheaper plan, now supported by adverts. The new base plan is called ‘Basic With Ads’ and is capped at 720p quality and Netflix makes you pay upwards of £10.99/$15.49 for 1080p plus. The new plan is supported with adverts that are sprinkled inbetween what you are watching, whether that be TV shows or movies. Netflix says the adverts will be placed at a rate […]

Report: The upcoming ad-supported Netflix plan won’t let you download videos

In a report this week from Bloomberg it has been uncovered that the upcoming ad-supported Netflix tier will not allow subscribers to download anything to use offline. For a long time on every Netflix plan, the company allows users to download selected movies and tv shows for use offline, such as on a plane journey. However, a new restriction referencing the upcoming plan has been found within the code on the iOS […]

Netflix on the Apple TV is now using the new tvOS 15 player UI

The Netflix app on the Apple TV has now been updated to adopt the new UI for the default media player. With tvOS 15, which was introduced in September Apple redesigned the plater with larger titles and more information. A user on Twitter spotted the change earlier this week and the new UI was present in version 2.1.23 of the Netflix app. With the new player UI, it is no […]

Netflix now has over 200 million subscribers

Netflix has seen significant growth over 2020, thanks to the pandemic and more original content. The company now has over 200 million paying subscribers worldwide, with 203.66 million. In 2020 new streaming services were launched to add to the competition, with Disney+ and in the the US only, HBO Max and Peacock. Netflix has had some very popular shows in the past year with The Queen’s Gambit and Tiger King, which gained […]

New Netflix shuffle mode rolling out to users

Netflix is rolling out a new mode for its service called “Shuffle Play” which will allow users to just stick Netflix on shuffle and it’ll randomly play TV shows or movies that are recommended for that user, using the personalisation algorithms. The company announced the new feature yesterday during its s Q4 2020 earnings. Netflix said during the earnings call that the new feature would allow “members the ability to […]

Netflix is raising prices in the US

Earlier this month, Netflix raised the prices in Canada by a couple of dollars on each plan apart from the standard plan and now last week, the prices in the US have also ben increased. The standard plan in the US is $1 more, from $13 to $14 per month and the premium plan is now $18 from $16 per month. Like in Canada, the basic plan has remained the […]

Netflix will be raising prices in Canada in a few weeks

Netflix is planning on raising prices in Canada in the next few weeks, but the new prices will be immediately available if someone signs up today for example, but will be rolling out to current subscribers in the next couple of weeks. The standard HD plan which supports two screens is going up by $1 from $14CAD to $15CAD. The pricer 4K plan, which allows four screens is going up […]