YouTube celebrate 10 years of time wasting

This year is the ten year anniversary of YouTube, back in 2005 the website was created by the three PayPal founders; Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. So to celebrate ten years of time wasting, YouTube has created a montage to celebrate all the rick rolls and screaming goats. In the video below, the video site has created a montage which features all the fails, memes and animals from […]

The new Audi R8 e-tron can drive it self

At CES Asia, Audi unveiled the latest Audi R8 e-tron, which is actually capable of driving itself. Obviously, the R8 e-tron is packed full of technology, sensors and cameras. To accumulate all the data from the various laster scanners, video cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radars Audi has developed their own “zFAS” system. The zFAS can read all of the data coming from the sensors and then calculate where the car […]

Android Pay launches at I/O 2015

Currently going on is Google’s annual I/O developer conference and it has announced Android Pay. Following Apple’s move back in September last year with Apple Pay, Google has launched a similarly name service called Android Pay. Google has been in this space for a while now with Google Wallet but it was getting a bit long in the tooth and no one really used it much, as it had poor integration […]

Argos launches a store within a store, at Sainsbury’s

Argos have partnered with Sainsbury’s on their latest endeavour with new “digital stores” which are inside the place where you do your daily shop. The new digital stores plan was announced back in January, but this week we are starting to see the first batch of stores. The Argos digital stores have launched at Sainsbury’s in North Cheam, Nantwich, Surry and Cheshire. Each store will naturally be a lot smaller […]

Periscope launches on Android

Two months after being an iOS exclusive, Twitter’s new live streaming service finally launches on Android. Periscope launched back in January following the release of Meerkat, which is a very similar service that uses Twitters login credentials. Both apps are very similar, but the Android counterpart features a new control menu for notifications as well as a “return to broadcast” tab which will display after leaving the app if users […]

New ‘Need for Speed’ set for fall release

EA along with other companies released its quarterly earnings this month, but along with the financial news, the company also released some information about an upcoming game called Need for Speed. While Need For Speed shares the same name with the popular game serie along with the past 20 years of games, this new reboot is looking to re-launch the series as a whole, and focuses on customisation, car culture and a truly […]

Instagram sends photo highlights, by email

Instagram used to be a list for a small collection of friends which adopted the new social network not long ago, but now everyone seems to be using it, so checking in on it is a bit overwhelming, this endless list of photos of people’s coffee, pets and holidays is becoming a bit too much. To bring some users back, Instagram is sending out emails which aim to show you […]

New Music app in Windows 10 feels like Spotify

Windows 10 is just around the corner, with a release set for this summer but a lot of the operating system is still being worked on. The Insider Preview offers eager users to get early access to the beta and the new Music Preview is available in the Preview. Music Preview also uses Microsoft’s “Universal Apps” strategy. Universal Apps such as Mail, Music, News and Calendar on the PC share […]

Minecraft 1.8.5 released, fixes bugs and security issues

On Friday, Mojang released another patch for Minecraft which fixes some security issues as well as numerous bugs. The last patch was released in April, which fixed an issue which allowed users to remotely crash servers. The latest version, 1.8.5 fixes a few security issues that have been reported as well as a handful of bug fixes. Issues with beacon effects and an improved server validation for movement packets. Minecraft […]

New Windows 10 preview brings more features to Xbox app

Microsoft has recently update the Xbox app on Windows 10 for Insiders. Now Xbox One and Windows 10 are coming even closer together as the final release date for the upcoming operating system is drawing closer. Microsoft has added “Game Hubs” which were added to the Xbox One in a recent software update and the new Game Bar, which is similar to the snap feature on Xbox One. The Game Bar […]