Eve to rollout Matter firmware update next month

Eve has this week announced that on 17th April, it’ll be rolling out the first public version of the firmware for its devices that will contain support for Matter. Back in December 2022, Eve made the firmware available for a few devices but only in a beta capacity, users had to register for interest and using TestFlight, install the software to the Eve Energy and another few devices. Beta Taking […]

Eve will start selling ‘Matter ready’ accessories from March

Eve has this week announced at CES 2023, that some of its accessories including the Eve Door and Window, Eve Energy, and Eve Motion will come with Matter support baked in, ready to use out of the box with support for Matter. Currently, these devices are available for a firmware update to convert them from HomeKit only to Matter. Eve has already starting rolling out the firmware required to these […]

Eve is now rolling out new Matter firmware to some devices

Eve is working on the future of the smart home and has been rolling out new firmware updates this week to some of its devices. The new firmware update enables support for Matter, which is crucial to get cross platform interoperability working, something which Matter promises is possible. Eve will initially bring support for Matter to the recent Eve Energy, Eve Door and Window, and Eve Motion devices. As of […]

Eve announces new, upcoming updates for its products to include support for Matter

Eve, a maker of popular privacy focused HomeKit accessories for the home as announced this week, that coming in December will be the first round firmware updates for its products that contain support for Matter. The update will be coming to three products first, with the Eve Energy, Eve Motion, and Eve Door and Window devices getting the update on 12th December. Ev has said that all of its products […]

Eve launches new Thread compatible Aqua for HomeKit controlled outdoor taps

This week, Eve has announced a brand new version of its Aqua water controller which can be used with HomeKit. The previous version was was released a few years ago and relied on a Bluetooth connection back to a HomeKit hub to function. However, the latest version now uses Thread. Thread is something Eve has been adding to its latest products lately, with the Eve Room, brand new Eve motion […]

Eve introduces new motion sensor, now with Thread support

Eve has recently launched a new updated motion sensor, this time with support for Thread. The Eve Motion Sensor only supports Apple HomeKit and can be used around or outside the home to activate other HomeKit accessories, such as outdoor lighting when you arrive back home. The new model has been designed to withstand water and later this year, the device will work with Matter and Thread. The new second […]

Eve announces new HomeKit outdoor camera and motorised blinds at CES 2022

Eve has today announced two new products to add to its ever increasing range of HomeKit connected accessories for the smart home. Although it doesn’t feel like it, CES is this week and Eve has announced a new Outdoor Cam and Eve MotionBlinds. The outdoor camera is pictured above and only works with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system. It is an outdoor camera with integrated floodlight which’ll come on when […]