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Facebook, Instagram and Threads down worldwide

This afternoon, Meta – the company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Threads is experiencing a large scale outage which is seemingly affecting users worldwide. Facebook, Instagram and Threads are all being reported as down by users on X. Users have reported they have been logged out and the services are failing to load on desktop and mobile. As of 15:57 GMT, the Meta system status page is down. Andy Stone, […]

Apple has now stopped advertising on X following latest Elon Musk controversy

Apple has been reported to have stopped running advertising on X following some antisemitic comments that Elon Musk has recently made. The social media network has recently been having issues with advertisers leaving the platform and the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino has a good background with dealing with advertisers. Back in November 2022, Apple did pause advertising on X. At the time, Elon Musk accused the company off hating free […]

Elon Musk is planning on removing the ability to block people on X

Just before the weekend, Elon Musk revealed plans that pretty soon, the ability to block people on X would be removed. He said it would be “deleted as a feature,” as it “makes no sense.” Since Elon posted this, there was a community note attached suggesting that the X app would be in violation of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store rules, which if enforced could mean removal […]

Twitter has been rebranded as ‘𝕏’

Just yesterday, Elon Musk has followed through with his promise and rebranded the iconic Twitter website he purchased in October 2022. As of 24th July 2023, Twitter will now been known as 𝕏 and now redirects to Other parts of the branding effort is yet to be completed, such as the mobile apps on iOS and Android – both of which still showing the bird logo. Elon spent […]

Twitter will soon launch cheaper verification for small businesses

Twitter is planning on launching a new cheaper plan of its ‘Verification for Organizations’ program which for $1,000 / £1,140 per month businesses can get a square profile picture and golden checkmark. This does offer some other benefits, scubas elevated tweets, access to premium support from Twitter as well as the other benefits of Twitter Blue, such as longer tweet support and the ability to edit tweets. Organisations that are […]

Twitter will now remove legacy blue checkmarks on 20th April

Twitter had previously stated that the legacy checkmarks that users have had were going to be removed on 1st April 2023. However, when that day came the only thing that changed was the label that both the legacy and Blue subscribers had which has changed to say “This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account.” However, a few days ago Elon Musk […]

BBC has been labelled as ‘government-funded’ on Twitter

Yesterday, it was discovered that the main @BBC account on Twitter had been relabelled to say it was government-funded. Twitter has long been provided some context on select accounts, such as government officials, media and more but the most recent update has been to the main BBC account. Over the past few days, several media outlets such as NPR and Russia Today have been re-labelled on Twitter. The BBC have […]

Twitter will be removing legacy verified checkmarks on 1st April

Twitter has announced that the old blue checkmarks are being discontinued next month. The company is calling them the ‘legacy’ checkmarks, but these are just the users on the platform which were previously verified using the old process, which Elon says was pretty corrupt anyway. On 1st April, (great choice of a date) Twitter will start to wind down the old verified program and start removing blue checkmarks from those […]

Twitter isn’t working quite right today (Updated)

Right now on Twitter, links are pretty much broken with all links on the website redirecting to show the following message. Even the website is showing the same message. “{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}” Any links regardless if they show the proper URL or the domain are not working quite right. Users are also seeing the […]

Twitter is reported to have laid off Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford joined Twitter back in 2020 as part of an acquisition of Squad and has since headed up new products at Twitter, with her most notable work being the recent launch of Twitter Blue. Shortly after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk in 2022, a photo of Crawford asleep at the office went viral. This tweet (below), cemented Crawford as the face of Twitter Blue and during the messy […]