Spotify launches all new Apple Watch app with improved offline support

Spotify has launched a new update to its Apple Watch app today which has overhauled the entire experience, with addition of improved offline playback support. Spotify has said that the new updated app has a new “improved listening experience” with improved browsing and podcasts. The new updated app has an updated “Your Library” page, making it easier to download music for offline listening. Useful for the small screen of the […]

Spotify now offering longer three month free trial with Premium

Spotify is currently offering an extended free trial of Spotify Premium, with an increase from one month up to three months. However, this isn’t a permanent change and will only be available up until 11th September. The offer is only available for new users and users who have been on the free plan instead. Spotify is also allowing previous Spotify Premium to rejoin the plan at a discounted rate. With […]

Spotify has stopped selling its Car Thing player

Earlier this week, Spotify announced that the Car Thing plater has been discontinued, after only a few months on the market. The company released the device last year but interested customers had to be invited to be allowed to purchase it. Then, in February this year the device became generally available for anyone to purchase. However, after a short time on sale, Spotify has now pulled the plug on the Car […]

Despite having 188 million Premium subscribers, Spotify is losing money

Spotify is continuing to lose money, which has been revealed earlier today with the company’s Q2 2022 financial release. The oncoming global recession doesn’t seem to have affected the amount of subscribers the company has, with a substantial gain in both free and paid accounts, but the company still isn’t making money. In overall users, Spotify has seen a large jump in subscribers in the past quarter, up from 422 […]

Spotify’s Car Thing is now on sale in the US, with no invite needed

Spotify has had its in car device for streaming out for around a year now, when it debuted last April and up until now, you were required to be invited to purchase one from Spotify. However, as of this week Spotify has revealed that now anyone in the US can purchase the Car Thing, without that queue and invite system. To purchase the Car Thing, you need to be in […]

Spotify will now let you block other users

Spotify has made a welcome change this week to its service, users can now block other users. But what does this mean, because Spotify isn’t really a social media network, so why would you need to block someone else? However, when you block someone it means they won’t be able to see your listening history or playlists. This isn’t the first time the feature has been available, users have long […]

Spotify is raising prices

Spotify is raising prices in the UK, Europe and the US. Not by much, around $1 / £1 on each plan and current subscribers have already started to receive emails notifying them of the changes. Spotify isn’t increasing the prices of the single user plan, which is £9.99 / $9.99 but every other plan is being changed. In the US, the Family plan is jumping from $14.99 to $15.99, making […]

Spotify now works on the Apple Watch, without a phone required

The Apple Watch has been out for over five years now and Spotify has only just added support for the ability to download podcasts and music to the watch to use when untethered from an iPhone. Something Apple Music and Apple Podcasts has been able to do for ages. Spotify spoke to Engadget and said: “We’re focused on developing experiences that enable users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever […]

Have Spotify Premium? You could get a free Google Nest Mini

Spotify Premium users here in the UK are able to grab themselves a free Google Nest Mini speaker as of yesterday. A new partnership between Google and the streaming service allows premium users to get a Google Nest Mini free of charge (usually retailed at £49.99), and even the shipping is free! You can choose from four colours – Chalk, charcoal, coral or sky. Both existing and new premium users […]

New Music app in Windows 10 feels like Spotify

Windows 10 is just around the corner, with a release set for this summer but a lot of the operating system is still being worked on. The Insider Preview offers eager users to get early access to the beta and the new Music Preview is available in the Preview. Music Preview also uses Microsoft’s “Universal Apps” strategy. Universal Apps such as Mail, Music, News and Calendar on the PC share […]