Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Product Line Guide 2020

Slightly confused by Ubiquiti’s UniFi CCTV product line? You’re not alone, here’s our full guide to the 2020 product line, and which devices are best for you. Also if you are interested in UniFi Networking, check out our buyers guide from the end of 2019. What is UniFi Protect? UniFi Protect is Ubiquiti’s latest version of its video and CCTV recording platform, the company has been producing CCTV hardware and […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti has been on a roll for new products so far this year, right at the start of the year the AmpliFi Alien Mesh kit was launched, then at the end of January the new LTU PtMP platform was released, then the UniFi Smart Plug and then a new mount for the NanoStation AC Loco and NanoBeam AC. In February already, a major update to airOS 8 for airMAX AC […]

Ubiquiti launches new 60GHz airFiber

This week, Ubiquiti Inc has launched a new addition to the airFiber product line with a new short range 60GHz model, which being such a high frequency the maximum range is up to 2km. Ubiquiti initially launched the existing airFiber line up back in 2013, with the current airFiber 24. They followed up that with the airFiber 24HD which had more capacity and a larger size for more gain – […]

Ubiquiti launches airOS 8.7.0 for airMAX AC devices

Earlier today, Ubiquiti launched a new update for the airMAX AC line of products, with airOS 8.7.0 which is for the PowerBeam AC, NanoStation AC, NanoBeam AC, Bullet AC, Rocket AC and more. This release comes a full five months from the last version, airOS 8.6.2 which was released back in August 2019. The main highlights of airOS 8.7.0 are that the performance for PTP connections are up to forty […]

Ubiquiti launches UniFi connected smart plug

Smart plugs aren’t usually the most interesting smart gadget you can get, the scope of what it can do extends to turning it on and off and setting up some automations. But Ubiquiti, a company best known for its UniFi line of enterprise networking equipment and airMAX and airFiber line of ISP backhaul equipment has launched a smart plug, but it is far more useful than any other one you […]

Ubiquiti launches new Quick-Mount for use with NanoBeam and NanoStation

Ubiquiti has launched a new mount option for use with some of the smaller CPE devices, such as the NanoBeam, NanoStation Loco and NanoStation. It is designed to be a tool free installation and it offers the NanoStation products the ability to adjust the elevation, which isn’t possible without an external mount. You can find the Quick-Mount on the Ubiquiti Store for $19

Ubiquiti’s LTU range of custom silicon wireless products is now available

Ubiquiti Inc is most known for its UniFi line of enterprise access points, switches, firewalls and IP cameras but what got the company started in the early days was the airMAX line of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless radios. These are used for building to building situations as well as rural broadband in emerging markets and parts of the United States and New Zealand where the land is so stretched out […]

Blog: Would you use Ubiquiti in a new build?

If you’re building a new house, like the good folks over at the Automated Home blog are, then you might want to take the opportunity to install a new first class enterprise level home network, with roaming WiFi, security features, guest SSIDs and more. We’ve covered the Ubiquiti UniFi product line on this website before, check out our buyers guide for 2019 here but the guys at Automated Home are building […]

Ubiquiti launches bundle for AmpliFi Alien router and new mesh unit

At the end of November, Ubiquiti launched its first 802.11ax (WiFi 6) product, the AmpliFi Alien which is standalone, high performance router which has 802.11ax support, gigabit LAN ports and a touchscreen so you can see information about connected devices, throughput and more. Up until today, if you needed more range from your AmpliFi Alien router, the only option was to spend a further $379 on a second router in […]

Ubiquiti launches UniFi Building Bridge – a managed 60GHz PtP kit

Last week, Ubiquiti Inc launched the new UniFi Building Bridge, which is a preconfigured 60GHz PtP kit with a backup 5GHz radio built in. In the past, if you needed to extend a full UniFi network between two places, you would have to use Ubiquiti’s range of airMAX 5GHz or 2.4GHz PtMP gear, which can’t be managed with UniFi which makes remote support a little difficult. Enter the building bridge, […]