Ubiquiti extends UI Care warranty to UniFi Pro PoE switches

Today, Ubiquiti has revealed some expansion to the UI Care extended warranty product it offers. Ubiquiti started offering UI Care in early September and it was initially only for the UDM Pro and UDM SE. However, starting today the company is now offering it on the Switch 24 PoE and the Switch 48 PoE. Five years of coverage for the 24 PoE is $125 and $199 for the 48 PoE. […]

Ubiquiti reveals new EV Station electric car charger

Today, Ubiquiti has revealed the all new EV Station charger, which will be part of the upcoming UniFi Connect platform. The device is in early access at the moment and the news came via a new YouTube video that Ubiquiti shared. Ubiquiti claims that this is the “worlds first EV charging platform.” The EV Station is specifically designed for organisations, with support for access scheduling, statistics monitoring and granular control […]

Ubiquiti offering extended warranties on UNVR models, due to USB drive issues

If you spend any time in the Ubiquiti sphere, either on the official forums, Twitter or the large Reddit community you’ll pretty much know by now that older UNVR models have had some issues with the integrated USB drive that houses the base operating system for the device. Earlier this year, we published a guide outlining how to repair your UNVR and get it back up and running again if […]

Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC: Why is memory usage high?

A common question we see online is why is NanoBeam memory usage high, or why is the memory at around 70-80%. This is perfectly normal, as the RAM/memory is there to be used. For example, the NanoStation 5AC Loco only has 128 MB of memory and older M5 devices have half that, at 64MB. In a post from the official Ubiquiti Community, a Ubiquiti employee said that this kind of […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Talk 1.18.2, with support for SMS and failover

Ubiquiti this week has released a new major update for UniFi Talk, with version 1.18.2. This update bring support for SMS, so users will be able to send and receive text messages with customers and contacts, useful for alerts and more. There is also support for failover, which will let you choose what happens to phone calls if something happens to the Talk application the UniFi OS Console where it […]

Ubiquiti announces the new airFiber 60 XR, priced from $999 US

Today, Ubiquiti has unveiled the new airFiber 60 XR, which is on sale now in the US for $999 and you need two to make a link. This looks very similar to the airFiber 60 XG which is the exact same price and design, but the two are quite a bit different. The airFiber 60 XG has a maximum range of 4+ km and comes with a backup 5GHz radio […]

Does UniFi Protect have a monthly fee?

Ubiquiti has been producing and developing UniFi Protect for around four years now. Back when the platform was launched, the only device capable of running the software was the Cloud Key Gen2+. The decision to stop allowing end users to host the software themselves was met with a lot of negativity, but as Ubiquiti released more and more hardware devices it did become less of an issue. The question is […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Product Line Guide 2022

Early last year, we published the 2021 edition of the UniFi Protect Product Line Guide and in the nearly two years since then, the UniFi Protect product line has changed quite a lot. First of all, a new larger UNVR was launched, in the form of the UNVR Pro which has seven bays, as well as a small 1.3-inch LCM screen. Many new cameras have been launched, including the AI […]

Ubiquiti announces new Camera AI DSLR for UniFi Protect – coming soon!

Ubiquiti has today revealed the all new Camera AI DSLR. The camera works with UniFi Protect and is in the Early Access store only at this point. Ubiquiti has launched the device to the EA store and should be available to everyone as ‘GA’ soon. The company posted a YouTube video outlining the ways DSLR cameras have a benefit in photography and that the new AI DSLR is the first PoE […]