Ubiquiti launches UISP Power, UPS system for UISP devices

Ubiquiti has recently launched the new UISP Power device, providing an easy way to give battery backup capability to the UISP Console, UISP Router, UISP Router Pro, UISP Switch and UISP Switch Pro. Note that the UISP Switch and UISP Router need to be used with the UISP Box to be compatible with the UISP Power. This device can be powered from two 27v mains power supplies, by slotting in […]

Ubiquiti Fiber XGS PON devices now available

Ubiquiti has recently launched new Fiber products, including the all new XGS-PON system which can support speeds of up to 10Gbps and 2048 clients. In addition, new ONU devices in the lineup include the Fiber XG and Fiber XGS, the former capable of 2.5Gbps and the latter, 10Gbps. The original UFiber OLT and OLT4 are available, which support 1024 clients at speeds of up to 1Gbps. There is also a […]

Ubiquiti UniFi G5 Pro vs AI Pro

Ubiquiti recently launched two new cameras, the G5 Pro and the AI Pro. Both are pretty similar, so we’ll take a look at them to see which is worth buying. The G5 Pro was in the EA store for a while, up until Ubiquiti removed the EA Store all together. The AI Pro is a much newer device, nothing was known about it prior to the launch and it does […]

Ubiquiti working on a cable modem, details leaked online

Here in the UK, we don’t have anything like cable available apart from Virgin Media DOCSIS, which is being slowly replaced with an all fibre network. However, over in the US it is still a huge part of the modern infrastructure. Ubiquiti obviously wants a slice of that market with the new upcoming “Ubiquiti UCI” a 2.5GbE capable cable modem. The full name of this device is going to be […]

Ubiquiti launches new AI Pro camera, with 4K

Ubiquiti has recently debuted the UniFi Protect AI Pro camera, which builds upon the AI Bullet camera with the addition of 4K video, 3x optical zoom and two way audio. Being an AI camera, it can detect people, vehicles and read license plates. The AI Pro is listed on the various worldwide UI stores for £478.80 UK, $499 US and more. In the US it is currently sold out, but […]

UI Chat – July 2023

SquadShot Show Notes This month, Alex and Willie return to talk about the latest Ubiquiti news, with the new G5 Pro camera, AI Pro, new updates to UniFi Protect and the end of the EA Hardware program. Halfway through the episode, Alex spoke to John Linford from JL Telephone Engineers about what he does, installing Ubiquiti, Starlink and TP-Link Omada. We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch […]

Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Pro vs G5 Pro

The new G5 Pro has gone on sale this week, and seems to offer pretty much all the same features as the G4 Pro all while costing less. The new camera uses the same 8MP sensor running at a 4K resolution, but thanks to significant improvements to low light image quality, it will likely perform better than the G4 Pro. A new accessory has been added, which connects to the […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk is coming to the UK in Q3 2023

UniFi Talk has been offering UniFi Talk in the US since July 2021 and since June 2023 for Canada. However, many people have been asking for support for more countries. Well, when Ubiquiti redesigned the store the all of the UniFi Talk phones were added to the store for pretty much all areas, including the EU and UK a place where UniFi Talk is not yet available. However, we spotted […]

Ubiquiti launches new G5 Pro camera for UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti has launched the new G5 Pro camera for use with UniFi Protect and is on sale now in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. The G5 Pro essentially replaces the G4 Pro and is even less expensive too. As of writing, the G5 Pro is out of stock but thanks to the advancements Ubiquiti has made with the G5 line, the new camera should perform better in low light […]

Ubiquiti now offering UniFi Talk in Canada

Back in April this year we reported that Ubiquiti had started to offer UniFi Talk in Canada, but what had actually happened is that Ubiquiti had started offering the unlocked phone models without the paid UniFi Talk phone plan. Hopefully that makes sense. However, starting today Ubiquiti is now offering the UniFi Talk plan as well as the cheaper locked phone devices. As of UniFi Talk 1.21.0, customers in Canada […]