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the interface turns 10 today!

Today, the 12th May 2023 this website turns ten years old. I started this blog back in 2013 I started it as a side project over the summer, after I had finished school. Back then, it was called A&T Tech. This website you see here was launched in around 2015, but for the first few years it was a Facebook only entity where the articles in full would get published […]

A&T Tech is now the interface!

Starting today, A&T Tech is now being named as the interface going forward. Over the next few weeks, the look and feel of this website and our social media presence will be updated with our new colour scheme, fonts and logo. The website is encroaching on its eighth birthday and we felt it was time for a rebrand. The old A&T Tech name never really meant anything specific, the website […]

A&T Tech site update 2021

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who comes to the A&T Tech site to read what we do, it means a lot. Also wanted to provide an update, as we have changed the way we run the week a little bit. Since the site was started, Monday to Friday has been news days, Friday evening was the Week in Tech newsletter and then on a Saturday the […]

A&T Tech is now ‘Facebook Free’

As the world is becoming much more invasive, and companies like Facebook are ever increasing to take liberties with our personal data and not just on Facebook itself, the company has far too many hooks into other websites for ad tracking and even other services can be signed up to using Facebook accounts, granting it even more information it has no right to even see. The most recent headlines regarding […]

A&T Tech turns 7 this week!

A&T Tech is seven years old this week, the actual date was the 12th May 2013. I started this blog back when I had just finished school as a side project over the summer of 2013 and this was way before the website as you see it was even started, it was a Facebook only entity where the articles in full would get published to the Facebook page and Twitter and […]

A&T Tech website now supports HTTPS traffic by default

This week while browsing the A&T Tech website, you may have noticed a little green padlock in your browser and a extra ‘s’ before the website address. This is because we have taken the stance to move from HTTP to HTTPS web traffic. This is a huge upgrade for the site and it marks a new era for KDL Media too, security. What is HTTPS and how does it effect me? […]