About us

This website was started in 2013 by Alex Lowe and was called Alex and Tom's Tech Advice and News at the time. Later on down the line, it was renamed to A&T Tech and then in 2022, it was rebranded again to the interface.

the interface is a media brand owned by KDL MEDIA LTD, and is published and edited in the United Kingdom.


What is the interface?
the interface is a news website owned and operated by KDL MEDIA LTD with Alex Lowe being the director. The company also produces three podcasts and various technology and automotive focused YouTube videos.
How is the interface funded?
the interface is supported, like any online media business - by ads. We use Google AdSense on this website and on YouTube. Castos Ads are used in our podcast episodes.
What can I expect from the interface?
the interface is mainly reports on a wide variety of topics, including news form the automotive world, be it the latest electric cars, vans and lorries as well as technology, from the latest iPhone to the most advanced WiFi equipment from companies such as Ubiquiti. As well as news, reviews make an appearance from time to time, again covering a wide variety of topics.

We also produce three podcasts, Charging Status an EV focused podcast, UI Chat, a Ubiquiti and networking show and Creator Spotlight, a show where Alex interviews journalists and creators and details how they got started doing what they do.
How can I trust what I read?
the interface is not funded by anyone or any company with a vested interest. We also do not allow anyone or any company dictate the tone or content of any article, video, review or podcast the interface produces.
How do I contact you?
You can send us an email to info@theinterface.uk or you can send physical mail to KDL MEDIA LTD, Unit 122230, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.
How do you handle corrections and updates to previously published articles?
If in the rare occasion we do have a correction to make in an article, we will make a note at the bottom detailing the type of correction and the time stamp it was amended.