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Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 16.4 with new emojis and other improvements

Apple has today released iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 to the general public, with the addition of new emoji, changes to the beta process and much more. Many people were expecting for this to contain the new HomeKit Architecture update, but on first impressions this doesn’t seem to be the case. iPadOS and iOS 16.4 are available now and can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software […]

Ubiquiti launches new Pocket Keyfob for UniFi Access

Ubiquiti has today released a new accessory for UniFi Access, the ‘Pocket Keyfob’ which looks a lot like an Apple AirTag, with the same puck design and keyring holder. The device is intended to be used with the UniFi Access door access control platform. For $99, 10 UA Pockets are included and according to Ubiquiti, they support “proprietary UniFi Access security protocols.” As well as ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and […]

Surrey to install 10,000 new EV chargers by 2030

Surrey is about to get a lot more chargers for electric vehicles pretty soon, as the Surrey County Council has partnered with charge point provider Connected Kerb to install 10,000 new charging locations for public use. The rollout will be completed by 2030. “If one local authority can deliver such a significant boost to the UK’s charging network, just imagine what we could achieve by 2030 if every city, county and […]

Tesla has opened up more Superchargers in Europe for non-Tesla cars to use

Tesla has been busy in the last few weeks opening up support for more third party access to its charging network. Back in early 2022, Tesla started the program which allowed non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge on the renowned Supercharger network. The initial rollout started with the Netherlands and it is now expanding throughout the UK and Europe for people to use. In the last few days, Tesla has opened […]

Electric car values are plummeting, according to Cap HPI

According to Cap HPI, the value of electric cars is plummeting. The company has been recording the value of EVs and has seen a 18% decline in the value in the last 12 months. EVs are also struggling to sell too, with the slowest to sell being the Audi Q4 e-tron. Customers are also seeing issues when cars have been previously valued. For example, Autocar have reported about Richard Hilder who had […]

Weekends with the interface – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on the interface. This week, Twitter has announced that the legacy checkmarks will come to an end in April, Volkswagen has debuted the new ID. 2all concept and Starlink has rebranded its RV plan as “Starlink Roam”, now $50 more per month. Twitter will be removing legacy verified checkmarks next month In April, […]

Ubiquiti launches the new UniFi Dream Wall (UDW)

This week, Ubiquiti launched the all new UniFi Dream Wall, a wall mounted UniFi OS Console which houses a wireless access point, PoE switch, gateway, network video recorder for UniFi Protect and much more. Like the UDM Pro and UDM SE, the UDW can host UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UID, UniFi Connect, UniFi Talk and UniFi Access. The UDW has an integrated 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless access point, which supports […]

Volkswagen debuts the ID. 2all concept, to launch in 2026

Volkswagen has recently debuted the new ID. 2all concept, which looks pretty much like a current Polo. The new car will go on sale in 2026 and is the first model to use the new MEB Entry platform, designed for smaller cars the company is planning on launching. Volkswagen says the ID. 2all is as “spacious as a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo” and will cost from around […]

Ubiquiti announces the new UISP Box, an outdoor enclosure for UISP devices

Ubiquiti has today introduced the new UISP Box, a simple outdoor enclosure designed for both the UISP Switch and the UISP Router. The UISP Box allows WISP operators to mount a switch or router high up out of the way, closer to the wireless antennas, while having power reliably fed to the unit. The Power TransPort connector features a passthrough port, bringing the connector out the front, where it can […]

Volkswagen to announce new Multivan based California this year

Volkswagen has confirmed that it is working on a new version of the California camper, which will use the new Multivan as a base. The new Multivan is actually based on the MQB platform used for most of Volkswagen’s car range, but has been adapted here for a van, with hybrid powertrain offerings. This week, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO Carsten Intra announced that the new upcoming ‘Multivan California’ will replace the […]