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Restyled Honda Civic Type R on sale now in the UK, priced from £46,995

This week, Honda has put the all new Civic Type R on sale in the UK, with prices starting at a pretty high, £46,995. The first deliveries to customers are due to start in January 2023, after the car was revealed back in July this year. The all new Civic Type R has a much more restrained look, with the outgoing car being a very busy design, with a lot […]

Elon Musk seemingly meets with Apple CEO, Tim Cook – at the same time he is falling out with Apple

Apple CEO, Tim Cook seemingly met Elon Musk in person yesterday after the headline making news that Apple was forcing Twitter to do more moderation as well as threatening to remove the app from the App Store. Elon Musk shared a Tweet on Wednesday saying thank you to Tim Cook for showing him around Apple Park and in the video, the shadow to his left kind of looks like Tim […]

Apple releases iOS 16.1.2 with improvements for carrier support

Apple has today released a minor update for iOS 16 only, with iOS 16.1.2. The update addresses some issues with compatibility with wireless carriers and fixes some issues with Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, as some users when using rollercoasters could have their iPhone tell them they have crashed – when they haven’t. iOS 16.1.2 is available to download now and there isn’t an […]

Vauxhall announces the new all electric Astra, complete with estate version

Vauxhall has today announced the new Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric, both will be going on sale here in the UK in June 2023. The most interesting bit of news is that there is going to be an estate version, of which there aren’t many available, the other being the new MG5 which is only made in an estate option. The Astra Electric does away with the naming […]

Ford launches new Ranger Platinum pickup truck

Ford has today announced a new luxury focused version the latest generation of Ranger pickup truck. The Ranger Platinum will cost from £44,400 in the UK and is pitched as a more luxury option and Ford is hoping to convert some customers to go more upmarket than the Wildtrak model. The Wildtrak is the most popular trim level for the Ranger in the UK, with it making up 80% of […]

Tesla is reported to be redesigning Model 3 in order to cut costs

Tesla has been reported to be cutting production costs for the Model 3, with a new redesigned version in the works. The news comes to us from Reuters and will be one of the first thorougher reworkings of the car since the company launched it back in 2017 and will affect the exterior and powertrain performance of the car. Reuters has also reported that the Shanghai Gigafactory will start production of the new […]

Elon Musk is claiming that Apple stopped advertising on Twitter and they are making new moderation demands

Elon has been tweeting a lot about Apple today. He has shared that the Apple has pretty much stopped all spending on advertising on the social media platform and that it has threatened to “withhold Twitter from its ‌App Store‌” too. Musk has also suggested that Apple should “publish all censorship actions” so that the public and its customers can see all the moderation decisions it has made. Apple has mostly […]

Weekends with the interface – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on the interface. This week, Elon Musk revealed that Twitter will soon roll out new colours for the verification badges, including gold and grey, in addition to the current blue one. By August 2023, the entirety of London will be under the ULEZ rules, to help combat the emissions in the capital and […]

BMW boss says we should buy less new cars and use old ones for longer

Earlier this week, BMW’s head of sustainability has told the press that buyers shouldn’t purchase as many new cars as we do. Monika Dernai spoke to an audience in London and said that purchasing less new cars would help reduce waste across the entire automotive industry. Dernai also mentioned that there still is a need for car ownership, especially in the US, but he UK as well as public transport […]

Tesla recalls 30,000 Model X units, due to faulty airbags

Tesla has recently recalled 29,348 Model X vehicles due to a software issue that could affect the functionality of the airbag. This recall affects vehicles in the US and ones that were manufactured between 2021 2022. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a PDF outlining the specifics. According to the NHTSA, this issue could cause the airbag to deploy in some low-speed collisions when it wasn’t needed. The […]