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UI Chat – September 2023

SquadShot Show Notes This month, Alex is joined once again by Evan McCann, filling in for Willie Howe. In this episode, UID gets rebranded as UniFi Identity and you get more for free now, the new UniFi Mobile Router gets OpenVPN support, SolarPoint is back from the dead with its first new firmware update in three years and Ubiquiti published a roadmap for UniFi Talk!? We love to hear from […]

Ubiquiti introduces Mobile Router 1.6.3 with support for OpenVPN client

Ubiquiti has recently launchd a new major update for the UniFi Mobile Router, with support for an OpenVPN Client. This will allow you to route WAN traffic through the a VPN, such as OpenVPN. This version also allows you to turn on and off the WiFi from the LCM touchscreen and activate the VPN from the screen too. UMR 1.6.3 is available now, more information can be found on […]

Renault announces new Trafic E-Tech with 184 miles of range

Renault has announced a new electric version of the Traffic, which has 184 miles of range. This now marks the time where the company now offers an electric version of every single van in its lineup. The new Trafic is based on the diesel version, meaning it isn’t a bespoke vehicle. The electrical motors are located under the bonnet with the batteries under the main floor of the van. Renault […]

Ubiquiti introduces new cable raceway for use with UDW

Ubiquiti has recently introduced a new raceway system for cable management, to be used in conjunction with the UniFi Dream Wall. The new cable raceway products are similar to what other places offer, but Ubiquiti has decided to now make its own. It looks like it is only compatible with the UDW, but could in theory work with other devices. It is designed to protect wall-mounted or floor-lined cabling. Ubiquiti […]

EE UK has now given a timeline for 3G to be turned off

EE, a mobile provider here in the UK has given a timeline for when it is going to turn off its older 3G network. During the summer. the network successfully trialed turning off the 3G network in Warrington, Cheshire and this resulted in no complaints about coverage or performance and also no capacity issues on the existing 2G and 4G networks. EE will now push ahead and will start deactivating […]

Fiat reveals pricing for the new 600e, will be from £32,995

Fiat has this week revealed the official UK pricing for the new Fiat 600e, after the car was revealed in July earlier this year. In the UK, the base model 600e will start from £32,995 and offer 249 miles of range. The car sits on a new e-CMP2 shared Stellantis platform, shared with the new Jeep Avenger. The new car will go sale in October and will start being delivered […]

Apple now offering larger iCloud+ plans, 6TB and 12TB now available

Apple has today started offering larger iCloud+ plans, with new tiers of 6TB and 12TB now available. The new larger plans were announced last week at the Apple event and they join the preexisting 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage plans. Apple has not made any changes to the base free tier, which remains at 5GB. Apple describes the new 6TB plan as “ideal for photographers and content creators” and the […]

Apple announces new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

Just this week, Apple revealed its new lineup of iPhones for 2023 and 2024. One of the new devices launched was the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. At a surface level, these new models look pretty much the same as the iPhone 14 and for that matter the iPhone 13. However, we have a few new changes. One of the major new changes is the addition of USB-C, marking […]

Electric car subscription service, Onto has collapsed into administration

Electric car subscription service, Onto has collapsed into administration earlier this week, following on from mounting debt and multiple rounds of funding. The company was owned by Legal & General (L&G) and they have earlier this week, pulled the plug on the company. Up until going bust, Onto had amassed a total of 7,000 EVs on its fleet and 20,000 customers. The company allows customers to essentially subscribe a new […]

Honda e Advance Review, a future classic?

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4/5 “The Honda e is an amazing proof of concept and as a city car, it works really well. The design is iconic and really attention grabbing. However, the range can be limiting for some people.” Intro The Honda e was originally introduced back in 2017 as a concept car and at the time, it caught the attention and imagination of the automotive press and the public. It was […]