the interface was started back in 2013 by Alex Lowe as a Facebook only blog, with no website to speak of. Since 2013, the website has been rebranded from the original Alex and Tom’s Tech Advice and News and then later as A&T Tech to the brand you see today. As of 2023, the interface is doing a lot, with two podcasts, daily news and reviews and videos on our YouTube channel.

What do we do?

the interface publishes daily news and commentary shared to this very website. Topics ranging from technology, cars, electric cars, networking and much more. We also do reviews of gadgets and cars here on the website and on our YouTube channel.

On our YouTube channel, we produce videos about the latest gadgets, video podcasts, tech guides and car reviews.

The Creator Spotlight podcast looks at what creators do, how they got started and what they have learned. This is a video podcast which is hosted on YouTube and new episodes can be found here.

We partnered with Crossed Wires MG to make the Charging Status podcast which is a UK and Ireland focused podcast focused on EV and charging news. New episodes are published monthly. As of April 2023, this is now an in-house production and is hosted by Alex Lowe and YouTube car reviewer, Jim Starling. New episodes can be found here.

This year, UI Chat was launched and is hosted by Alex Lowe and YouTube creator, Willie Howe. Once a month, they look at the past months Ubiquiti news and discuss it in depth. New episodes can be found here.

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Social Media

We left Facebook and Instagram in December 2020, but we have plenty going on online for you to follow.


@the_interface_ – The main company account, all news posts are shared here

@creatorspotpod – Our video podcast, Creator Spotlight. New episodes shared here

@chargingstatus – Our EV focused podcast. New episodes shared here

@uichatpodcast – Our Ubiquiti focused podcast. New episodes shared here


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The Team

Alex Lowe

Alex started the website back in May 2013 as a small project to help close friends understand the latest Apple news as well as offer handy guides for gadgets. The first incarnation operated solely as a Facebook page. Around two years later, in 2015 the website as it stands now was launched.

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the interface is published in the United Kingdom by KDL MEDIA LTD