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This month, Alex and Jim sit down to discuss all the latest news from April 2023 and early May. This episode they discuss the latest decision from Tesla to stop offering left-hand-drive vehicles, the leaked electric Mini, CV Show 2023 and much more!

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Chapters and Story Links

00:00:00: Sponsor Read – Vehicle Score
00:00:09: Intro
00:00:45: Fully Charged Live South 2023
00:01:58: Maxus eDeliver7
00:03:22: B-ON EV
00:04:47: Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S and Model X
00:12:53: New upcoming Mini Cooper Electric spied, set to launch in 2024
00:17:16: Autocar Awards 2023: MG 4 shocks rivals as Best Electric Car
00:19:36: AD
00:19:58: BYD announces new Seagull hatchback, a sub-£8000 EV for China
00:24:03: MG launches new Comet EV, with 142 mile range
00:26:19: New Smart #1 to be priced from £36k in the UK
00:29:13: GM abandons CarPlay
00:31:51: Amarth 500e prices revealed
00:34:50: Will EVs become classics?
00:36:12: MG announces the new all-electric Cyberster
00:40:23: Volvo delays EX90 due to software issues
00:42:15: Tesla cuts prices at its Superchargers in Europe
00:43:00: Jim’s Drives
00:43:13: Jim Drives… an Ioniq 6
00:45:02: Jim Drives….a Genesis G80
00:48:37: More Jim’s Drives

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