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WordPress is literally everywhere, in fact around twenty five percent of the web uses it to power websites which is actually quite impressive considering all the platforms websites could be run on. To keep up with other services such Medium, Automatic which is the company behind WordPress has released a brand new app for OS X as well as completely redesigning the website. The app can be downloaded directly from the WordPress website as opposed to releasing it in the Mac App Store, Windows and Linux will be getting the app soon.

The app allows you to edit posts and pages, edit comments and have full access to all of your sites on WordPress, as long as they are Jetpack enabled.

As soon as the news broke, I downloaded the app and tested out the features, for less power users just running a small blog I can see them using this to edit their site but when editing A&T Tech and Alex and Ed Gaming I rely on the admin console which is packed full of features which make managing both sites seamless and easy, although I appreciate the nice clean design of the new WordPress app it feels slightly limited for my liking.

The new app works with OS X 10.8 or later and can be downloaded from the WordPress website