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Earlier this week, it was the golden globes and the highly doubted film Steve Jobs won won awards for Kate Winslet who played Joanna Hoffman and Aaron Sorkin who wrote the film. Danny Boyle’s film actually picked up around half the awards that it was nominated for at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

Last year when the film was in cinemas, it had an ambitious release and that didnt really fair well as now the film is most famous for failing in the box office, rather than doing well. Aaron Sorkin did comment on the poor performcace in the box office, but is hoping that the Golden Globe win will bode well for the film.

“The first weekend, we broke box office records. Same for the second weekend. The third weekend, the title of the movie changed to ‘Box Office Failure Steve Jobs’ … It took some of the air out – the pride we had been feeling. We understood it wasn’t for everybody, but we worked so hard on it. It was an unexpected and unusual movie. We just didn’t want that to be the epitaph for the movie. So this is very nice.”

Steve Jobs was in cinemas last October and is scheduled to be released on DVD and iTunes later this year.