Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

In the news this week, Apple’s new Mac Pro goes on sale, Jaguar adds 12 miles extra range to its I-Pace with software, Apple Podcasts is now on Amazon Echo, Top Gear America is back next year, The Grand Tour is back for a special this week and also a reminder that Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January.

Here are our top stories of the past week:

The Grand Tour is back

Clarkson, Hammond and May are back for series 4 of The Grand Tour and episode one kicks off in Vietnam. The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen is out now on Amazon Prime

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Apple’s Mac Pro is now on sale

Apple finally put the new high end Mac Pro on sale on Tuesday this week, the biggest news in the media was how expensive the top tier model is – which is over £45,000

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Apple Podcasts now works on Amazon’s Echo speakers

This week, Apple Podcasts service was made available to Amazon Echo speakers

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Jaguar I-Pace gets more range via software update

This is really demonstrating what software can do, the Jaguar I-Pace gains an extra 12 miles of range. But, you have to take the car into a dealer.

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Top Gear America is back in 2020

Top Gear America is back next year on Motortrend, with three new hosts

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Support from Microsoft for Windows 7 ends in January

Windows 7, which was launched back in 2009 will no longer be supported by Microsoft – come January 14th 2020

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