This week at CES, Google as showed off an upcoming new feature for the Google Assistant which will mean that it will be able to read what ever is on screen out loud for you, but due to the work Google has put in, it can do it in 42 languages.

Google has also done some work to make it sound less robotic, so that it can pause in the right places and sound much more human. The screen reader feature can be activated by saying “Hey Google, read this.”

This all looks very promising and this is only a preview at the moment and may only be on Android. We also do not have any information on when this new feature may launch either.

Google has said:

“From your Android device, just say “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page” when you’re viewing an article. The content can be translated into 42 languages, such as Hindi, German or Spanish. We’re also looking to include auto-scroll and text highlighting capabilities that help users read the text as it’s being read aloud.”

Source: Google