Due to the ongoing issues caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of people worldwide have had to work from home, and that has naturally put a strain on some cloud based platforms, as everyone is now remote working and communication with staff and employees now happens over video chat and chat messages. Microsoft has had its Teams application available for around three years now as part of the Office 365 package for businesses.

Microsoft has said today the usage of Teams has risen significantly, the platform has now reached a peak of 44 million daily active users worldwide. Back in November, Microsoft announced that it had 20 million users.

Microsoft Teams has a lot of useful features for business to help staff working remotely, such as integrated screen sharing – so you don’t need to use TeamViewer or other services in order to show someone what is on your screen. Teams also has chat groups and private messaging as well as conference calling. Teams can also blur out the background of a scene when video calling another user, which is useful if the background is a messy room in the house.

As well as the increased number of users, Teams has also turned three years old today.