Many have heard of the original Google Chromecast – the cheap, yet capable dongle that turns a dumb tv into a smart tv. The new Chromecast can do the same things as the old one, but it now offers an Android based operating system and now, a dedicated remote.

The remote has the typical navigation buttons you would find on other devices, as well as dedicated launcher buttons for Netflix and YouTube.  The remote also has an IR blaster that can connect to your TV and sound bar, with the power and volume buttons. You can also find a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Since the device is Android based, it can do a lot more than the previous models and some of its competitors. Apps can be side-loaded and USB devices can be hooked up such as webcams, or an ethernet adapter to improve speeds. Google has also added ‘Google TV’ an old name that was once used on a different product ages ago, but Google TV sits on top of Android TV as a launcher for content Google thinks you’ll like.

The ‘Chromecast with Google TV’ is available in 3 colours; Snow, sunrise and sky.

It is available to preorder here, with an option to buy a bundle with 6 months of Netflix included. Chromecast with Google TV is £59.99 in the UK and $49.99 in the US.