The second episode of Top Gear Series 29 has just finished. This is the second episode in this series and once again the team are back outside on the airfield at Dunsfold, with socially distanced guests in their own cars with a drive in cinema type feel. In the episode last week, there was a new car that was reviewed and the Stig also took it for a lap round the track. Nothing like that this week, we had two mini challenges to be treated with, the first included that Lamborghini Diablo that Paddy McGuiness crashed in the Yorkshire Dales during filming earlier this year.

The segment involved three 80s/90s super cars that had a claimed top speed of 200mph when they were manufactured, while there wasn’t really a challenge as such, there was a drag race which didn’t involve the Diablo, but Paddy took part in a Skoda Octavia. Once that was over, Flintoff took it upon him to try and hit 200mph, which he does achieve.

Like the episode last Sunday, there wasn’t a guest present most likely due to social distancing reasons.

The second half of the show involved funnily enough, crashed cars with some very cheap insurance write-offs with a budget of £6,000. Harris picked a Mk1 Ford Focus RS from 2003, Flintoff with a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte and Flintoff picked a Porsche Cayman S. All three cars had been written off and there were a number of challenges, included a top speed run, car park musical chairs and last of all the wall of death, which personally made me feel dizzy watching it.

Wall of death

The trio were tasked with driving their three write off cars on the vertical ledge at 50mph. The huge wall was built inside Alexandra Palace, North London.


Like I said last week, the show is in its stride – we still have the banter between the three and it makes entertaining television on a Sunday night. In this episode we did see the previously unseen footage of Paddy’s crash and a better look at the damage caused but on a whole this episode is worth watching. The new style drive in studio makes for an interesting look at peoples cars and gives the show a fresh look, even if it is or might be temporary.

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Top Gear is on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm and on BBC iPlayer. Next episode is next week.