As the world is becoming much more invasive, and companies like Facebook are ever increasing to take liberties with our personal data and not just on Facebook itself, the company has far too many hooks into other websites for ad tracking and even other services can be signed up to using Facebook accounts, granting it even more information it has no right to even see. The most recent headlines regarding Apple’s decision to give users the option of whether Facebook and other companies can track them in their apps was met with a lot of unsurprising negativity and newspaper adverts this week, putting the spotlight on Apple’s decision. The general consensus online is that Apple is doing the right thing and Facebook is desperate as it is finally being exposed for how much data it is collecting.

This data mining is happening on Instagram too, Facebook famously bought the company back in 2012 for a now retrospectively small sum of $1 billion. The app has now been turned into a mess of shopping, dancing videos, invasive adverts and stories and the focus on the simplicity of photo sharing is now lost. Facebook’s ad network has become so accurate all over the internet that people believe smartphones listen to them, which isn’t the case – it’s just that Facebook can track you wherever you go online – and is very very good at it.

A post from Basecamp CEO in 2018 highlights what unnecessary power it has:

If Facebook’s endless privacy scandals have shown one thing, it’s that the company has far too much data on its users, and that they can’t be trusted not to sell, barter, or abuse that data whether for profit, growth, or negligence.

This week, we’ve taken the decision to remove A&T Tech’s and KDL Media’s presence from Facebook and Instagram to stand up for user privacy. We wholeheartedly hope you can do the same with your business and or personal profiles.