Last week, Ford announced that it is planning on adding over the air software updates to its cars that support it, on the Mustang Mach E and new Bronco and as part of that, Alexa support will be added too.

Obviously, people know Alexa from Amazon’s line of smart speakers and the Fire TV but in a car, it’ll be used to help the driver get information on traffic levels, as well as add items to shopping lists, open garage doors and turn on lights at home, before you get back.

Ford will be building Alexa into around 700,000 new cars sold in the US and Canada by the end of 2021 and going forward every new model it makes will support the Amazon assistant. However, only the first three years will be free of charge.

As mentioned, Ford also announced ‘Power Up’ for its OTA update program. Ford said that 100,000 cars have already received software updates this year.