Last week, Google released some new entry level Pixel Buds wireless earbuds. The new A-Series are roughly the same as the standard Pixel Buds from 2020 but are a lot cheaper, now undercutting Apple’s AirPods for the first time.

Like the Pixel phones Google makes, the ‘A’ in the name indicates a more budget friendly version, much like the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. The standard Pixel Buds come in at $179 US / £179 UK and to get down to the $99 / £99.99 price for the A-Series, Google has dropped a few features.

Google has removed the wireless charging capabilities, as well as the swiping gestures. However, the hands free access to the Google Assistant remains as well as the real-time translation feature.

The Pixel Buds A-Series go on sale on 17th June and they will be available to preorder in the US, UK and Canada. For our Australian readers, there is a waiting list to be joined but prices are yet to be confirmed.