Toyota has recently announced the the new GR Yaris GRMN which is a beefed up and vastly changed GR Yaris with what sounds like an extensive development process. Toyota last used the GRMN badge on the old Yaris with a special 210bhp version.

The new GR Yaris GRMN is only going to be offered in Japan with only 500 being made. Buyers will take part in a lottery to see if they get the opportunity to purchase one, with prices at 7,317,000 yen (£46,850).

The GRMN badge stands for “Gazoo Racing, tuned by the Meister of the Nürburgring” and Toyota has done a lot to ensure the handling is more crisp and the driver involvement is improved. For starters, the entire body is a lot stiffer, thanks to 546 new spot welds and 12m of extra structural adhesive. Thanks to the removal of the rear seats, 20kg has been lost from the curb weight too.

Width has been increased by 10mm and the ride height has been lowered by 10mm too.

In terms of the engine, Toyota has not made any changes, it is a tad more powerful in Japan producing 268bhp.

When those 500 buyers get the opportunity to customise their car, there will be two optional upgrades to choose from, a Circuit package and a new Rally package. The former adds 18-inch BBS wheels, adjustable Bilstein shocks and a large rear spoiler. The Rally package adds protective undertray, roll bar and custom GR suspension.