Ubiquiti today has released some new updates for its range of devices that run UniFi OS, specfially the Cloud Key G2, Cloud Key G2 Plus, UNVR and UNVR Pro. The new updates for both lines of devices add the much requested ability to set the device up initially without any active internet connection. This is very useful as there may be some installations where there isn’t any internet connection yet and something like a UniFi Protect set up needs installing.

There are also some bug fixes, one which addresses an issue where the base UniFi OS could be unreachable and another where the CPU could be quite high if there are a lot of users on the device.

2.3.14 is out now for the UNVR, UNVR Pro, UCKG2 and UCK-G2+. You can update by logging into your console via its IP address or via unifi.ui.com and then go to Settings > Updates.

Cloud Key 2.3.14 link

UNVR 2.3.14 link

Mactelecom Networks on YouTube has a good segment in his most recent live stream, explaining the new updates discussed here. Video is linked at timestamp.