Ford has had some excellent sales numbers for its increasing line of electric vehicles, with the new hybrid Maverick and all electric F-150 Lightning pickup enjoying high preorder numbers. During its Q4 earnings call this week, Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company is working hard to take electric vehicles more mainstream and to date, 275,000 all electric Fords have been either ordered or reserved.

In January, the company revealed that its EV business had “grew almost 4 times faster than the overall electrified segment” which means Ford is now the number two car company for electric vehicles in the US, obviously sitting behind Tesla which has been the top seller of EVs in the US and parts of Europe for a while now.

Ford has a growing line up now of electric cars, it offers the Mustang Mach E SUV, the F-150 Lightning pickup and the Transit-E – a commercial van, offered in a variety of sizes.

“We plan to take full advantage of our first-mover position in the fully electric pickup truck market starting with lightning. But there’s much more to come. In the coming months, we’ll break ground on the Blue City electric truck plant in Tennessee.”

Ford CEO, Jim Farley

Ford has also seen good financial figures for Q4, with a revenue of $37.7 billion and a net income of $12.3 billion. The new Maverick smaller pickup is selling well too, with 6,513 sold in January with 3,549 of those being hybrid versions.