Ubiquiti has today introduced a new G4 Instant camera for UniFi Protect, following on from the G3 Instant which was made available at the end of 2020. The G4 Instant was announced back in November last year and was available in the Early Access store for a period of time.

However, the G4 Instant is now available to everyone and is on sale on the official Ubiquiti store for $99 in the US.

The new G4 Instant has an upgraded sensor, now 5MP which is capable of recording 2K video, compared to the G3 which can only record up to 1080p.

For starters, it now has a 5MP sensor, which is capable of recording 2K video, the G3 model only goes up to 1080p. Like the G3 Instant, the G4 is powered by USB-C and connects to the network using WiFi not Ethernet. There is also a built in speaker and microphone for two way audio, as well as integrated IR emitters for night recording.

However, where the G4 differs is its ability to be mounted outside, thanks to its IPX5 rating for weatherproof use cases, it also can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C which is a lot more durable than the G3 Instant, which is only capable of indoor deployments and temperatures as low as 0° C.

The new G4 Instant is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti Store for $99 and should be coming soon to the EU Store.