At WWDC 2022 yesterday, Apple unveiled macOS 13 Ventura, this time not a full overhaul, but a lot of nice new improvements such as tage Manager, Continuity Camera and more.

Stage Manager is a new way for window management on macOS, a feature that is also coming to the iPad this year. It looks to help you avoid any distractions by pushing all the unused apps to the left hand side and moving the main app front and centre.

Apple has also worked out that the web cameras on Macs aren’t the best, while the new M1 iMac camera is good, it isn’t as good as the camera on your iPhone. With Continuity Camera, Apple is allowing users to use the iPhone as a webcam, all wirelessly. Using the existing Continuity features, the iPhone and Mac will recognise that and start the camera. Later this year, Apple will start stocking an official Belkin mount.

Handoff can be very useful day to day, to start on something on one device and move it between any of your other Apple devices. This is now being extended to FaceTime. For example, you can now start a ‌FaceTime‌ call on one Apple device and transfer it to another using Handoff.

Messages app will also gain the same features from iOS 16, with the ability to edit an already sent iMessage and pull back a message with undo send.

There is also a host of other new features, such as Passkeys for Safari, new Weather and Clock apps, iCloud Shared Photo Library and more.

macOS Ventura‌ will be available to all compatible Macs later this year, the developer beta is already available and it’ll be out for public beta testers in July.

Apple has dropped support for the 2013 Mac Pro and any MacBook Air models from 2015-2017.