This week it has been revealed that we now know a bit more about the new upcoming IKEA DIRIGERA smart hub. We already know that the hub is due to launch later this year in October, but thanks to an existing listing from IKEA Norway – we now know the price it will be.

Thanks to a user on Reddit, who took a screenshot before IKEA removed the listing. The price shows 699 Norwegian Krone which is about £60 / €69.

The new IKEA DIRIGERA smart hub will replace the outgoing model, looks a lot better and also supports the new Thread standard and will fiction as a Thread bother router. This is in addition to Zigbee, in the future it’ll support Matter.

The DIRIGERA can be powered up by USB-C and will connect to the network via Ethernet or WLAN. The addition of PoE would be a nice addition here, but it is uncommon to find PoE in residential homes still. IKEA has said that any devices that currently work with the previous hub, will have no issues with the new version.

Owners of the previous hub will still be looked after with security updates for at least three years.