Just last week, Volvo revealed the all new EX90 – an all electric SUV that is about the same size as the current, combustion XC90 SUV we are all used to. The EX90 is now the third all electric vehicle from Volvo, following on from the XC40 and C40 Recharge models.

Despite looking like it, the EX90 isn’t related to the XC90 at all. This new car sits on an all new platform, from parent company Geely and is actually closer related to the Polestar 3 if anything.

In terms of design, the EX90 looks like an XC90, but with a blanked off grille with other improvements around the car to make it more aerodynamic, to help improve the range.

The powertrain and range is where the EX90 gets interesting. Volvo has managed to get a maximum of 360 miles out of the top spec version, from a 111kWh battery pack. The Twin Motor models have 402bhp, with 568lb ft torque and the top spec Performance versions have 510bhp and 671lb ft torque.

Charging speeds are at a maximum of 250kWh, meaning getting from 10-80% in just 30 minutes.

Inside, Volvo has kept the interior extremely minimalist, with basically no buttons in site. The 14.5-inch touchscreen is mounted portrait and runs the Google powered operating system that Volvo and Polestar has been using for a few years now. Over the air updates are standard, as is 5G connectivity.

Prices start at £96,255 for the EX90 Twin Motor Ultra and go up to £100,555 for the Twin Motor Performance Ultra. Volvo is also offering it as part of the Care by Volvo subscription, from £1,599 per month.

First deliveries will start in early 2024.