I have stayed in quite a few hotels over the past few years, including all three versions of Premier Inn, standard Premier Inn, Zip by Premier Inn, Hub by Premier Inn as well as both Mollies Motel locations and a AC Marriot Hotel in Birmingham. Many hotels don’t get the technology right, the TVs are usually pre-historic, the air-conditioning systems are hard to use and the door key systems still use old fashioned key cards.

However, while Mollies Motel and the AC Marriot Hotel got the key card system right (you can just use your phone to open all the doors and check in). Everyone has gotten in the in-room tech wrong, apart from Hub by Premier inn. With Mollies Motel, they offer phone mirroring, but that wasn’t working and it was the same story with AC Marriot Hotel. However, where Mollies Motel failed it shines elsewhere, the app is great allowing you to check in without queueing and use your phone as a key throughout the hotel.

Every TV in the rooms have an Apple TV built in, which you can find by using AirPlay, then authenticate with a code to start streaming, which will eliminate the possibility of sending videos to the wrong room. When you turn the TV on, it asks you whether you use an iPhone or Android device, then chooses the Apple TV, or what I presume is a Chromecast for Google devices.

The tech-done right attitude extends everywhere, for example the lighting and climate controls are all touchpads on the headboard, there are both UK and EU plugs available (perfect for guests staying over from Europe).

Then comes the WiFi. Premier Inn and Zip by Premier Inn both have free WiFi as standard, which is only 1mbps/1mbps. Pay £5 per day and get the ‘Ultimate WiFi’ which is only 8mbps/8mbps. In the Hub hotels, there is only one SSID shown and it is around 80-100mbps up and down, throughout the hotel – perfect.

In summary, if you value tech done right in hotels – check out Hub by Premier Inn.

Disclosure – This post was not sponsored, just an actual experience.