The all new Smart #1 will be priced from £35,950 here in the UK, once the car goes on sale later this summer. The car was revealed this time last year and went up for pre-order in December 2022. The is a complete reinvention of the brand and is entirely unrelated to the previous Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour EVs, thanks to the SEA architecture on which it is based. The Smart #1 is actually the first EV from Geely that is coming to the UK to use the new architecture.

Back in 2019, Smart was split into two and now, 50% is owned by Geely and 50% remaining with Mercedes. The car made a debut at Fully Charged Live South 2023 last week and is a small EV crossover, similar in size to the Kia Niro EV.

The battery is a 62kWh unit, providing a range of up to 273 miles on the more expensive models. Charging speeds are good too, up to 150kW meaning going from 10-80% happens in around 30 minutes. Inside, the cabin looks clean with a large 12.8-inch infotainment screen which is unrelated to the MBUX system seen on Mercedes vehicles. Geely has sourced the software from Ecarx, with a bespoke operating system using a mobile phone class Qualcomm chip.

The new Smart #1 will go on sale here in the UK this summer, with prices starting from £35,950. Trim levels consist of the Pro+, Premium, Launch Edition and Brabus. The Brabus version will cost £43,450 with much more power, at 422bhp and offers a 0-60mph time of just 3.9 seconds.