Caffeine & Machine is gearing up to launch its third location this year, not long after opening ‘The Bowl’ in Bedfordshire last year. We got a sneak preview of that location before it opened in September 2023. The new location is a bit further down south than the original location in Warwickshire and Bedfordshire, as it is now in Hampshire in another former pub location.

So far, all three locations are former pubs which is a good way of repurposing old buildings that might have been converted into houses or demolished. The new one is called The Hut and is in honour of its former name, ‘West Meon Hut’.

Like the other C&M locations, it’ll be open all week from 9am to 10pm and will have various events, food and more. Caffeine & Machine is planning to open the new location in spring 2024, with no fixed date in mind just yet. C&M has also stressed that the location is under construction and has requested that no-one turn up whilst it is being built.

More information and FAQs can be found on the Caffeine & Machine website.