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In this episode, Alex and Jim are back to talk what Jim was about to see at the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW i5 M60 Alex has been driving, some new Chinese brands entering the UK market such as Seres and Skywell, the new Dacia Spring and much more.

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0:00 – Intro
1:34 – Getting the Honda HRV stuck
2:03 – DefinitelyNotAGuru Channel Meetup
3:00 – New Caffeine&Machine
4:19 – Episode with Teltonika
5:47 – Reminder to review the show
6:40 – Backdated episodes now on YouTube
7:15 – Alex drives the BMW i5 M60
12:18 – Alex drives the new Model 3 Highland
14:35 – Jim drives MG4 xPower
19:51 – Arrival gone under
23:08 – Mixed messages surrounding EVs
26:40 – Octopus Tariff for V2G Capable Vehicles
32:10 – Geneva Show Preview
35:10 – Omada, Seres and Skywell coming to the UK
37:22 – Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer
39:48 – EV Range vs Efficiency
42:50 – New Mini Electric John Cooper Works
44:01 – 5 Used EV Deals
53:09 – Renault Master E-Tech
56:03 – Cheap Ford F-150 Lightning?
59:22 – Shell stops offering Hydrogen in California
1:02:29 – Hyundai Casper being developed for EU
1:03:55 – Rivian R2 coming to UK
1:05:50 – Microlino coming to UK
1:07:28 – Cupra Born VZ
1:08:29 – Dacia Spring coming to UK
1:11:05 – Genesis expanding UK retail space
1:12:56 – Outro

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