Friday, April 12, 2024
Alex Lowe

Alfa Romeo announces new small EV, available as EV and ICE

Alfa Romeo has just announced the new Milano, the brands smallest SUV. The new vehicle is said to be the “spiritual successor” to the Giulietta and Mito. The Giulietta was dropped from sale back in 2021. As it is widely known, Alfa Romeo is part of the larger Stellantis group and the new Milano sits on the same platform as the Citroën C4, Fiat 600, Jeep Avenger and Peugeot 2008. This means whole it looks vastly different, a lot of the specs are pretty similar.

First of all, Alfa Romeo will be making the Milano available as an all-electric car, but also as a combustion too. The ICE model comes with a 1.2-litre three cylinder petrol, with 48V mild-hybrid tech and makes 134bhp, 28bhp of which comes from the electric motor. This will be available as either a front wheel drive or four wheel drive, the latter of which will come later on in the model’s timeline.

For the EV, it is business as usual when it comes to a Stellantis electric car. The ‘Milano Elettrica’ as it is called comes with a 54kWh battery and DC rapid charging at up to 100kW. Range is quoted at 255 miles and has a 154bhp front mounted motor. There is also a more powerful EV version, available in ‘Veloce’ which has a 237bhp motor, the same unit that will come in the Abarth 600e.

At this stage, Alfa Romeo hasn’t said anything about the possibility of a Quadrifoglio version.

Inside, all versions of the Milano come with a 10.25-inch drivers display and the same infotainment screen. There are three trims, Techno, Premium, Sport and Speciale. Techno had a powered boot, LED lights and virtual assistant. Premium adds massaging driver’s seat, ambient lighting and then Sport adds Alcantara and exterior design elements.

As of writing, only the Speciale version is available to oder now, in Italy only. The Milano will come to other markets, 28 in total in the coming months.

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