Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Alex Lowe

Dacia bosses are working hard to bring the Spring EV to the UK

We reported around two years ago that the new Dacia Spring electric car could make its way to the UK, since then it has become the best selling car in the company’s home country of Romania and within eight months of going on sale, Dacia has achieved 40,000 orders.

Back in December 2021, we also reported that Dacia had said that a UK launch for the Spring was looking ‘very positive’ and that a decision was due to be made by January 2022. However, five months on and we haven’t heard anything since, until last week.

The UK arm of Dacia is working hard to bring the budget Spring EV to the UK, if it was to go on sale it would become one of the cheapest electric cars on sale.

We are fighting tooth and nail with our corporate team to get that car launched here in the UK. We don’t have confirmation whether it’s a go yet, because they’re working on fulfilling the huge back order they have in Europe – for me that’s another string to my bow; if it’s an extremely popular car in Europe, then it’s fair to say it will also be extremely popular in the UK. There’s no decision on Spring. Hopefully we get it, but in the meantime we will hybridise the Jogger and in the medium- to long-term, you will start to see the hybridisation and electrification of the brand – but only when the customers are ready and it makes sense from a cost perspective.”

Luke Broad – Dacia UK Brand Director

Dacia is offering the Spring for €89 a month in France with a purchase price of around £10,500 when converted. Range is 143 miles from the 26.8kWh battery pack and 44bhp and a top speed of 78mph. Inside is a 7-inch infotainment screen, cloth seats, USB ports and metallic paint.

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